Promoting encouraged creativity with a platform


With the objective of developing entrepreneurial creativity among young university students and small entrepreneurs, COPARMEX Coahuila Sureste presented the Emprendia platform, a web portal that will be free and is planned to start in November.


Cesar Andres Macias Aldama, president of the Youngsters’ Entrepreneurs Commission of COPARMEX Coahuila Sureste, commented in an exclusive interview with Mexico Industry that the platform will contain articles about entrepreneurs not only in the business area, but also in the social, spiritual and all which covers the field of entrepreneurship.


“The platform will be first local; there will be diplomas and courses that will be given online so that students from universities who want to get involved in current issues can do so,” said Macias Aldama.


Also the page will be directed in the first phase to young university students and SMEs, and then integrate second stage women entrepreneurs to participate in all sectors of economic activity.


“The full development of the platform is expected to take more than a year. In addition, it seeks not only a means to obtain information, but also serves for the participants to interact and contribute their ideas,” said the president.


In addition, the leader mentioned that they seek to make a synergy with the collective platform of Kybernus, a program of creating social value for citizen participation.


On the other hand, regarding the commission of young entrepreneurs COPARMEX, which is under his charge, Macias Aldama reported that this semester the commission was divided into three areas: education, social responsibility and networking.


“For the social responsibility area, for example, we have reforestation activities, so we have just planted more than 1600 trees in the Sierra de Zapaliname along with some universities such as UANE and local companies. We broke records, since the trees were planted in less than two hours, while contributing to the environment,” he said.