MKDC (Mexico Kodaco) is a South Korean company that belongs to KODACO, leading company in the Asian automotive industry, which since May 2017 decided to expand by opening its first plant outside their country.


The company specializes in die casting and supplies many components for vehicles, that is why they manufacture air conditioning controls, transmissions, hydraulic engines and brake systems, as well as an aluminum brakes master cylinder.  They arrived as KIA Mexico suppliers through Mando Corporation.


With 187 workers, the automotive plant is located at the Santa Maria Industrial Park, producing parts for its customers in the United States, Mexico and Brazil.

Bo Hyong Lee, president of the plant, talked exclusively for Mexico Industry about the company and the projects they have on Coahuila soil.


“My company is MKDS, operations started last year by the end of May and we manufacture pieces made with aluminum die casting.  We produce some engine pieces, such as solenoid housings, gear housings, for treads and much more,” he said.

About the manufacturing process, he explained that MKDC has the necessary conditions to manufacture the pieces demanded by the customer and they still have potential to increase their production in a future.


“There are the conditions to manufacture the pieces, melt them, this means, we have good conditions to manufacture our pieces.  We can make 400,000 pieces per year for our customer TESLA; in housings 200,000 pieces for America.  Now we are increasing manufacture of pieces according to the customers’ demand,” he said.


Regarding teamwork and qualified personnel that MKDC has, the Korean directive said that their employees are efficiently trained.


“I believe it is necessary to have the technology for our pieces, and we have programs and capability to promote trainings for the management of our machinery, a program to train our employees,” he said.


One of the needs why KODACO decided to expand its operations to Mexican soil, specifically to Coahuila, was precisely the growing demand the American market represents, since with the creation of MKDC, they satisfy the needs of their customers in Mexico, the United States and Brazil.


“We have many customers and send them our automotive products, the components of automotive parts, of transmission and engines.  We export to America, send pieces to Mando America and Powertec America, in addition to Brazil and what is left in the internal market with our customers in Mexico.


We can supply our customers from all those parts,” he added.

Regarding certifications, the MKDC plant in Ramos Arizpe works under the standards of ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OSHA 18001, guaranteeing an efficient work.


Finally, Bo Hyong Lee described the plans they are visualizing the future, in which highlights an expansion, since from the 25,000 square feet of extension the plant has, they currently operate without their maximum capability, therefore in the next few years they are expecting to integrate more working equipment and qualified workforce.


“In a long term I believe we will need more space to manufacture our pieces and I think at some moment, depending on the project, we will need more space for its manufacturing and we will expand.  Now we need more employees for our plant, we want more people here working with us, since people from Coahuila is hard working,” he ended.



With KODACO plant in Ramos Arizpe, the Korean company considers that they are making history because it is the first plant of them abroad; in addition that it represents the global expansion of the firm


More than 30 years ago the company was founded in Korea, where it has four plants and more than one thousand employees, it is the main supplier for Hyundai and KIA Motors and are leaders in that segment on their country, fulfilling constant innovations and projects’ updates.