Matro Ingenieria S.A. de C.V. is a company from Saltillo founded in 2013 dedicated to the design, manufacture and repair of dies, as well as the stamping of metal parts and assembly of components through welding, achieving to open its path on the regional industry.

Matro roots were settled in 2009 thanks to the entrepreneurial mentality of the engineer Alberto Valdez Belmares, who worked and invoiced as physical person, but in 2013 due to its growth wishes he founded the company that today continues in constant evolution.

“We currently are 34 employees, eight administrative and 26 direct operators, but we started labors at the end of 2009 with only one employee, invoicing or working as physical person in my name,” said the Matro owner.

Five years after its creation, Matro continues the consolidation process, and among the rewards of hard work is the positioning in the industrial local market.  “We consider ourselves leaders in the design and manufacture of dies and in metallic parts stamping,” he assured.

However, despite the success obtained in almost a lustrum of operations, Alberto Valdez Belmares does not settle and as clear which are the Matro objectives, among which highlights to seek promote the company’s category.

“In a long-term our goal is to be a Tier 1 company, right now we are a Tier 2 company, then the challenge is to be a Tier 1 in 2020 to grow within the supply chain,” he noted.

“In a short term we have planned to consolidate as accompany to announce that we are a very good option in the manufacturing and stamping of metal parts, and I am sure we will achieve this,” he added.

As annual goal, the company from Saltillo settled the increase in sales of 25 %, since previously they have accomplished it and even surpassed it, according with Alberto Valdez.

About the customers for whom Matro has worked are Magna Exteriors & Interiors, Matcor Matsu, Formex Automotive Industries, Deacero, Martinrea, among others.



The conditions in which Matro Ingenieria S.A. de C.V. activities are developed are very good under the ISO 9001-2015 certification, in addition of having a Siemens software for dies design.