About 90 % of annual sales of around 4,000 million euros are represented by the activity within the automotive industry.  The group is owned by the family of both founders.
In 1938, Adolf Mann and Eriich Hummel were co-owners of the textile company Bleyle in Ludwigsburg.  Little after of the beginning of World War II, the pistons producer of Stuttgart, Mahle offers the company the production of engines filters, an offer that was retaken and settles the bases of their company Mann+Hummel.

Grupo Mann + Hummel is a German manufacturing group headquartered in Ludwigsburg within the metropolitan area of Stuttgart.  The company develops, produces and distributes liquid and air filter systems, admission systems and thermal management components.


“We are a IATF 16949 certified company, also by ISO 14001 and BDA, fulfilling all standards established by the Industry, fact that has made us win the award of the best filter brand in 2018,” said the plant director of Mann+Hummel Ramos Arizpe.

In terms of sustainability and environment, Mann+Hummel has recycling programs, guaranteeing all wastes generated is used to the fullest, in addition of implementing savings actions and useful use of energy.

“We have the infiltration of leadership as vision with encouraged people that provide solutions and excellent results, based on FILTER values: Focus, Innovation, Leadership, Trust, Empowerment, Results,” said Carral.

For Mann+Hummel, their workers’ ethics is important, therefore a set of values was established on their vision with which they have to operate inside their 80 plants worldwide.


“We previously have an integrated distribution center that was relocated to Mexico City and we have space available to settle production lines, thinking in increasing productivity in 80 % in the next two years,” he said.

Regarding short and medium plans, the directive of Mann+Hummel said that they are planning on increasing the production lines at Ramos Arizpe plant, suing the readjustments of their spaces.

“It is a strategic location, as from here we distribute to the United States and the center and south of Mexico, in addition of having a good automotive culture in the area.  People is hard working and it shows in results,” he said.

According to Luis Arturo Carral, the main reason to settle in Ramos Arizpe in 2007 was the excellent location the Southeast Region of Coahuila has, as it is strategic to move their products to the north or the south.

“We produce about 38 million filters per year and for 2020 we anticipate manufacturing about 60 million pieces.  We export 80 % to the United States and 20 % remains in the local market,” said the plant manager.

Mann+Hummel was founded in 1941 based in Ludwigsburg, Germany; it has 640 workers in Ramos Arizpe and 80 plants worldwide, a total of 20,000 employees.  Its territorial dimension is of 28,000 square meters, 23,000 for productive areas and 5,000 of warehouses.

“We manufacture filters for the automotive industry, for the original market as well as for aftermarket, we manufacture filters for heavy equipment for machines and equipment industry,” said Luis Arturo Carral, manager of the plant in Ramos Arizpe, who explained the details of the German company.

Mann+Hummel is a German company dedicated to manufacture filters for the automotive industry, since 2007 it is located in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila and since then they are recognized in the Southeast Region as one of the best companies to work.