Lear Corporation announces opening of electrical systems plant


With an investment of more than 430 million pesos and less than a year of placing the foundation stone, Lear Corporation, leader in seats and harnesses for automobiles manufacture, officially opened its first plant of electric systems in Matamoros, Coahuila.


This plant is the ninth of the company in the state of Coahuila and number 45 nationwide, which will be focused in manufacture harnesses and mainly supply companies such as Ford and General Motors, generating 1,300 job sources in a first stage, later 2,500 until reaching four thousand jobs.


Arturo Alvarez, global vice-president of operations at the company, said that Lear is present in 37 countries and has 150 worldwide, from which 52 thousand are in Mexico, what reflects the vision and confidence the company has to continue investing in this country.


“Coahuila is an important state to Lear, therefore it will grow in the following months and in 2018 will be reaching four thousand jobs,” he noted.


Regarding the factors that determined that the investment was at La Laguna, Alvarez mentioned that they already knew the experience and ability of the region workforce, in addition that they had the support of the authorities and they valued the advantage of being near the border to minimize export costs.


Company suppliers are mainly local, but also from different parts of the world such as the United States, Europe and Asia.  “We want to continue offering quality to our clients and to continue growing in this area, therefore we know that working as a team we will reach the objective,” said the directive.


He also mentioned that they will bring new projects such as the installation of a plant in Zacatecas and will continue with another one in La Laguna “we continuously investigate new sites for our growth; we will continue with that same vision.  We are satisfied with our leadership in the automotive Industry, therefore we are seeking to grow in our pillars which are quality, efficiency, innovation and leadership,” Alvarez underlined.



The start of a new plant is a great challenge, assured Saul Munoz Laredo, director of new programs launching from the harnesses division at the company, as it represents the stability and permanence the company has.  “It means that the company is betting in this country, we are growing, workforce in this area is very valuable.  It is a commitment to maintain quality and product delivery at the moment the client requires it.”


The directive said, Mexico is correctly developing globally and it is in position to continue growing, therefore Lear is showing its confidence in the country and continues with new projects.


“We have new challenging projects with very demanding clients as Ford Motor Company, which go to other economic segment, to a more luxury market where Lear is entering with the right foot.  In addition it seeks to diversify and not only be in the automotive industry, therefore more plans are coming,” Munoz underlined.


Carlos Danken, management at the cutting processes area, said about productivity “we are in a process that cannot be called startup anymore, as we have a good production phase, we will be growing; first 180 thousand cables, afterwards we will have 200 thousand, then 400 thousand until producing 790 thousand cables per day by the end of the year,” he said.


Regarding this, in the state, the manager mentioned that there are people with capabilities and abilities in the automotive Industry, people capable and of work therefore we will reach our goal.  “Practically we can compete with any part of the northern portion of the country, since the main part was the border; today we can compete with them and we can win.”


Lear Corporation in Mexico and globally highlights by its innovation, research and offering new technologies, hence exports about 3.5 billion dollars per year, where 98 percent goes to the United States.


Expansion in Coahuila                                                                                                       


Lear Corporation has installed three new plants in the last three years with an investment of 130 million dollars; nine of the 45 in Mexico are installed in Coahuila.


Gabriel Lujan Fierro, vice-president of human resources at Lear Corporation, explained that the nine plants in Coahuila have generated 8 thousand jobs and will reach 10,000 by the end of the year. 


In addition, Lujan Fierro mentioned that each year the company generates economic revenue of 1,200 million pesos in wages and benefits payments granted to workers.


Likewise the directive commented about this plant beginning of operations.  “We all started a race, a crusade for operational excellence, individual excellence and when operational excellence is mixed and converges in one individual is when the progress continues, better times come not only for us but for all those behind us,” he emphasized.


Jose Antonio Gutierrez Jardon, secretary of Economy, Competitiveness and Tourism in the State, restated that the plant in Matamoros is the first of harnesses from the firm in Coahuila, since currently there are plants specialized in structures and a seat covers.  Once its processes are finished it will be the second harnesses plant worldwide.


Finally, the secretary said that there are plans for a new plant for the company to grow double in 2018.