One of the big challenges that the industry in Coahuila has recently faced is the growing demand for workers in companies throughout the State on its different sectors, since it is increasingly necessary to recruit employees, which is why the different companies, as well as Government offices have created Job Fairs.


Companies from different industries that belong to the regions of the entity offered their vacancies last month achieving placing more than 4,500 workers throughout the State.



With an offer of more than 2,000 vacancies, the Second National Job Fair in the Southeast Region was held, addressed to professionals and technicians.  This Fair was focused in young population, 45 companies participated, which offered vacancies with wages that range from 6,500 to 50,000 pesos.


Roman Alberto Cepeda Gonzalez, secretary of Labor in the State, remembered that there are 18 Job Fairs are programmed in the year, but that this amount could increase depending on the vacancies offered by companies.


Likewise, he said that there are about 28,000 active youngsters seeking for a job in the entire State, and that only in the southeast region are about 8,000.


He said that this Fair is especially for youngsters, since the labor market demands it, and that the objective at the end of the day is to obtain the best percentage of allocation.

He also said that all Job Fairs held have an important percentage of people with some disability or elderly people, who are permanently in the Governor agenda and of the Ministry of Labor. The inclusion is permanent.



Meanwhile, in the central area was successfully held the job day, with a total of six companies that offered 300 vacancies in the metal mechanic and administrative sector, with competitive wages.


Companies like Infra, TMS, HRLM, Alphabeth, AZ Industries, Motherson Sumi Systems Limited were in charge of offering the vacancies, among which highlight from administrative manager, storekeeper, area manager, paileros, crane driver, welders, diesel mechanics, operators and quality inspector, among others.



While at La Laguna almost 700 vacancies were offered at the Job Fair organized by the Ministry of Labor in Coahuila in coordination with the Francisco I. Madero City Hall in the facilities of the former Anderson Clayton factory.


The major Modesto Alcala Martinez, together with the head of the National Service of Job (SNE) in La Laguna, Raul Alejandro Garza Del Valle informed that the vacancies of the Fair have wages that ranged from 5,000 to 17,770 pesos; the positions were opened for 598 operators, technicians 50 and 45 for professionals.

Some of the participating companies are LALA, Liga Mayor, Integra Capital, OMJC Glorieta, SuKarne, Coppel, Siete Leguas, Grupo Gallegos, Quesipizzas, Azteca Martes Pilgrim’s, Yazaki and Liga Mayor, among others.



A total of 22 companies participated at the Job Day in the municipality of Allende and Zaragoza with an offer of approximately 1,600 jobs.


The head of the Ministry of Labor said that in interest to continue promoting the conditions for the generation of job sources gathered with members of the Council of the Export Maquila Industry (INDEX) to talk about Labor Mobiity that involves the coordinated participation of the State, Municipality and business sector.


Companies such as Lear, Empaques Modernos del Norte, Minera del Norte, Industria Vidriera and Constellations Brands, among others participated at the event.