Index Piedras Negras, in collaboration with his similar in Nuevo Laredo, held their annual meeting, held in San Antonio, Texas, where all members and advisors of the organism in border cities attended.

Blanca Tabares, president of Index Piedras Negras, and Guillermo Fernandez from Nuevo Laredo, were in charge of presiding the opening of the meeting celebrated in American soil.  Later, the national leader opened the works of the Index Piedras Negras and Nuevo Laredo Annual Summit, where also were presented advances of the strategic plan built together with the members and associations.

At the event were lectured important conferences for 21 associations’ members, lectured by specialists of very high level in Mexico, as well as in the United States.

One of the most important talks in such meeting was the one regarding the status of the process of renegotiation of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States and Canada, lectured by Kent Smith, chief negotiator of the NAFTA from the Ministry of Economy in Mexico.

A conference about the economic perspectives of 2018 was also held, the finance group Intercam Mexico was in charge of propitiate it, as well as a talk about innovation and manufacturing in Mexico and a panel about the impact of the Fiscal Reform from the United States


In security matters, advanced were presented about the Collaboration agreement between the SEDENA and the Marine, and the application of the ethics code from Index Nacional.

During the event were fulfilled activities of recreation such as golf and formal dinner to gather with members of the organization, which in turn exchanged ideas and some cases started strategic alliances.



Index was born in the middle of the seventies, as result of the need of representing and defends the interests of this important industry in a worthy manner, in 1983 was formally founded by the National Congress of the Export Maquila industry.  Index on its Piedras Negras delegation, seeks being the main representation organism of the Export Industry of the area and the different levels of Government and the Community.