Four students of the first generation of the Industrial Production Training program from Bendix plant in Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, proudly celebrated the end of their studies in the Dual Formation Model.

The graduates received a diploma from high school as technicians for their studies in the program of dual training designed to prepare them to professionally develop in the manufacturing industry.

The formation program was established thanks to an alliance between Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and the College for Scientific and Technological Studies in Ciudad Acuna. The objective of the alliance is to create better practical formation opportunities in Acuna to prepare students for the labor manufacturing force.

During the two years, program students gain labor experience within an industrial environment. The program is officially recognized as part of the Mexican Dual Formation Model (MMFD, by its Spanish initials) for its combination between applied technical training and study programs.

“Bendix is proud of answering the communities where we live and work,” said Carlos Hungria, operative director of Bendix and project coordinator.

“Educational opportunities available in Acuna do not align completely with technical jobs in the area. Through the formation program, we can expand the technical education opportunities and prepare the next generation for the labor force,” he added.

Program courses were complemented with four rotations of 16 weeks in Bendix, which included occupation safety, quality, industrial engineering, and materials-logistics. This experience will allow students entering the manufacturing labor market or to continue with their manufacturing studies at the university.

Bendix, with manufacturing operations in Acuna for more than three decades, collaborated with CECyTEC in developing two simultaneous initiatives to support technical education in the area. One included the formation program for selected students and the other one in design and build a new industrial production laboratory for CECyTEC students.

“We are very proud of students graduating from our training program. Thanks to their effort and perseverance, we can see them becoming young professionals. For those joining our team, we are confident in that they will be a fundamental part of Bendix,” said Maria Gutierrez, sustainability and corporate responsibility director.