Draxton Saltillo is a company from Grupo Industrial Saltillo (GIS) with global presence serving the main markets of the automotive industry.

It is dedicated to the manufacturing of auto-parts and components for different vehicle systems, especially for the driving force, brakes and for chassis.

With more than 4,000 employees around the world and 370 in Saltillo, Draxton has 14 plants distributed in three continents: America, Asia and Europe, being present in Mexico on the industrial cities of Saltillo, San Luis Potosi and Irapuato.  Moreover, Draxton has world-class Research and Development Centers at their disposal globally known as Draxton 4 Competitiveness (D4C.)

“We manufacture iron cranks for the driving force, for brakes we manufacture brackets, callister and discs; while for chassis we manufacture knuckles, clutch discs, flywheel units and differential boxes,” detailed Jorge Rada Garza, general director of Draxton, regarding the range of products they manufacture.

Regarding the destination of their products, Draxton indirectly exports most of them, serving international customers such as Ford, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, ZF, Continental, Seohan, Mobis, Akebono, among others.

Draxton and JVs have a capability higher than 550 thousand tons of iron casting, more than 10,000 of aluminum casting and more than 15 million mechanized pieces to supply global platforms.



Among short and medium terms plans, Draxton directives noted that one of their priorities is growing in the Asian market, particularly in China, country that currently has the strongest automotive industry.

“Our plan is to continue growing in the automotive industry within the markets we participate and strength our presence, as in Mexico and Europe, but one priority is increase our presence in China, we mainly want to grow there, since it is the stronger automotive market worldwide, but we will not forget we participate in America and Europe,” said Ricardo Sandoval Garza, institutional affairs director of GIS.

Another goal they have is deepen in the machining process, as although they already work in such method, they are seeking to strength that aspect, since casting has always been strong, but machining will provide an added value.



As company emerging in the capital of Coahuila, Draxton Saltillo highlights the capability and competitiveness of the personnel from the southeast region of the state and the advantages the entity has.

“Saltillo has a qualified workforce and not only on competences and skills, but in discipline and work.  On the other hand, we are surrounded by educational institutions at technical level, higher technical and engineering, in addition of having the advantage that in this area of the country, the automotive industry has established in recent decades and that has enriched workforce quality in much on this region,” said Rada Garza.

“The southeast region is privileged for being on a strategic point, for its proximity with the United States border, having a very important railroad, on the other hand its highlights for the existing labor peace,” he added.



Draxton Saltillo, previously known as Cifunsa in the Coahuila capital resulted from the union of the foreign companies ACE and Infun, globally consolidating a brand.

“GIS had Cifunsa, which was born in Saltillo in 2964 and expanded to the Bajio, to San Luis Potosi and Irapuato.  By the end of 2015, GIS decided to buy a Spanish company named ACE, while by the end of 2016, GIS acquired Infun, but in order to have a new image and that everyone identify us as a single front, instead of having three names, we decided to create a new identity that was not any of the three and create an own identity,” underlined Jorge Rada Garza.

Grupo Industrial Saltillo manufactures and commercializes products for the auto-parts sector (iron or aluminum casting and machining,) of construction (floors and ceramic coverings) and of home (kitchen and table items.)