During 2018, the accumulated net absorption in Coahuila (Arteaga, Ramos Arizpe and Saltillo) was of 234,000 square meters, figure that had not being registered since 2014, according to CBRE Mexico.

It was detailed that the operations fulfilled during the last trimester of the year amounted a net absorption of 11,586 square meters, while the accumulated in the year records 233,673 square meters.

Among the main operations standout the ones from companies such as Spencer Butcher, Wolverine, Magneti, Lennox and Sodecia, among others.

Moreover, 40 % of the operations fulfilled in 2018 belong to the automotive industry; followed by products manufacturing, with 32 %; as well as transportation and logistics, with 13 percent.

The corridors with the highest number of operations were Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe, 8 of 1, respectively, while Arteaga reported one commercialization.  Saltillo has distinguished by its industrial vocation and has been favored by the arrival of more companies from the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical sectors, among others.

According to CBRE Mexico, the location of companies as Adient, IMMI, Merciry, Lennox, Sodecia, Spencer Butcher, among others, has achieved creating business opportunities for different economy sectors.

“This has allowed companies making highest investment decisions, this way, during 2018 approximately 21 industrial buildings were concluded distributed on the corridors of Ramos Arizpe, Saltillo-Derramadero and Arteaga,” they noted.

Moreover, they reported that the industrial space in construction continued steady to end in 252,995 square meters.  64 % of the projects in construction is located at the Arteaga corridor, while 20 % in Ramos Arizpe and the rest in Saltillo.

The industrial market inventory recorded 2.92 million square meters by the end of 2018.

“It is expected that the offer of new meters increases at the beginning of 2019 in order to continue with the industrial promotion in the region,” they explained.



According to the Ministry of Economic Development of Coahuila, from December 2017 to November 2018, 33 productive investments were achieved for a total amount of 2,145.6 million dollars, from which 1,439 million belong to new projects and 706.6 million to expansions of settled companies.  So far this year 48,115 formal jobs have been generated, record figure in Coahuila.

The municipalities where the higher amount of investment arrived are Ramos Arizpe, with 498.23 million dollars; Parras de la Fuente, with 370.32 million; Nava, with 260 million; Acuna, with 259.65 million; General Cepeda, with 150 million, Matamoros, with 120 million; and Saltillo, with 113.3 million.

The arrival of companies translates in a higher requirement of spaces intended to manufacturing activities, therefore 2018 ended with a total of 75 industrial parks throughout the State, being the Southeast region the one with the highest number settled, with 36; followed of the Centro region, with 16; and of the La Laguna region with 14.  Adding a total of 9,101 industrial units established in Coahuila.