Daimler Trucks produced the last unit of the Freightliner Cascadia model, in their Derramadero complex, south Saltillo, it was considered the most revolutionary tractor truck in the heavy transportation market, to make way to the new Cascadia.

After more than one million hours-men in engineering work, which resulted in this last generation tractor truck, in 2018 began the production of the new Cascadia, which is a demonstration of innovation and technology.

The new model has ABS, traction control, stability control, and anti-tripper system, uses a powertrain updated with the DD13 engine (Euro 5,) automated DT12 gearbox and front axis of 13,300 pounds at front and tandem of 46,000 pounds rear.

It promises to stomp the tractor truck segment, as it went through an optimization of its aerodynamics, which was updated by engineers in the wind tunnel of Daimler Trucks North America, in Portland Oregon.

In Daimler Saltillo Plant are assembled 13 tractor trucks per hour, 96 per shift, 288 per day and 1,728 per week. In 2018 the complex reached the maximum figure of production in its history, with 55,952 vehicles, and it was during last June when they manufactured the 400,000 unit since their beginning of operations in 2009.

During their first decade of operations in Derramadero, Daimler has increased significantly their workforce, as they currently have more than 3,600 employees, at the beginning they only had 271 workers.

The company has two plants in Mexico dedicated to the production of tractor trucks and trucks: the one in Derramadero and another one in Estado de Mexico.  While in Nuevo Leon they have another factory that produces busses. 



As a result of the commercial links between Saraperos de Saltillo and Daimler, members of the Mexican Baseball League team (LMB, by its Spanish initials) attended the gathering activities with employees of the German company.

Baseball players like Francisco “Shito” Rodriguez, “Tonito” Martinez, Misael Lopez, as well as Kike Conejo and club cheerleaders, visited the plant in the Derramadero complex to sign autographs and take pictures with workers at Daimler. Previously, they had participated in the Company’s Family Day, gathering with employees and their families.