Daimay Automotive Interior continues to grow in Coahuila, after announcing the expansion of its operations with the placement of the first stone of its second plant in Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila.

The investment includes 86 million dollars and the plant, which will be located in the FINSA Industrial Park, will have a territorial extension of 23,250 square feet, generating 1,000 direct jobs in the southeast region of the State.

Daimay is a company founded in China more than 30 years ago, it settled in Ramos Arizpe in 2018 and is in charge of manufacturing interior parts for the automotive industry.

The main products manufactured in Daimay are visors, where they are world leaders, in addition of headers, armrests and roof consoles, among other auto interiors.  The new plant will be focused exclusively on the assembly of headers and foam injection, said Victor Villarreal Sosa, manager of the Chinese plant.

“This expansion is the result of a true effort to progress in the development of infrastructure of Daimay operations, to have closer proximity with our customers and higher growth in the Mexican market, North America and Latin America,” he noted.

Among the reasons leading Daimay to expand their operations in Coahuila, Villarreal Sosa highlighted the strategic location of the State, as well as the labor conditions in the entity.

“This is a symbol of the results teamwork give us, a clear example of that Coahuila offers an excellent and strategic geographic location, it has qualified personnel and conditions of tranquility and labor peace in order for us making important future projects a reality,” he said.

He explained that after acquiring the first plant last year, Daimay corporate liked FINSA Park and the city of Ramos Arizpe, therefore they choose to continue betting on the State’s southeast region.

“Investing in Coahuila confirms we are going through the correct path to continue developing and increasing our production levels from current customers, as well as the transfer of current operations from China to Mexico” he added.

Meanwhile, Sergio Arguelles Gonzalez, general director of Grupo Finsa, was honored by the arrival of new capitals to the country, such as the Chinese investment.

“Since last year FINSA Coahuila has been the home of Daimay, but now it will be housing a new plant with sustainable design and a modernity symbol.  In less than six months this property will become a manufacturing and assembly plant where soon they will be producing auto-parts for global markets,” he noted.

Additionally, he thanked Daimay for the confidence and explained that it is an honor to accompany them through their growth in Coahuila and Mexico, committing in offering the required industrial developments.

Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis, governor of Coahuila, he also underlined the arrival of the Asian company, which he considered world leader in auto-parts.

“We are humbled that a company like Daimay, which is a world leader in automotive interior technology and in visors’ manufacturing, with more than 10,000 jobs worldwide, decided to grow in our State,” he said.

He added that this expansion consolidates the suppliers chain existing in the State, complementing the assemblers established in the region (General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles,) in addition of strengthening the Automotive Cluster, which is the first national producer of auto-parts and third in the manufacturing of vehicles, with more than 800,000 units per year.

Daimay producers are mainly exported to the American market, as well as to Brazil, both countries hog 70 % of the production volume, while the remaining 30 % is addressed to local market in Mexico.  Customers as Honda, Toyota, Ford, Subaru and BMW make Daimay arrives strong to the American continent, while for the Asian and European market they serve the other assemblers from China.



After the symbolic event of the first stone placement, Victor Villarreal Sosa, manager of the plant, confirmed Mexico Industry that Daimay already anticipates the construction of a third plant, reinforcing the synergy of the Asian company with the southeast region of Coahuila.

“A property is being prepared in front of the second plant for the potential and imminent third facility, automotive interiors will be manufactured there such as central consoles and doors,” he shared.

“We are currently producing about 35,000 and 40,000 daily visors, but it is expected that among headers and foams, between 50,000 and 60,000 pieces are manufactured per month in the new plant,” he added.



Manufacturer of automotive components that integrates customer service, design, products development, manufacture, sales and quality control, among others, Daimay has more than 10,000 employees around the world.

Besides producing headers, armrests and roof consoles, among other auto interiors, the Chinese company is in charge of developing most of the components of these products.

“Our experience in the integration and specialization has encouraged us to internally manufacture the main components, for example metallic stamps, EPP hearts, thermal treatments, piping processing, chrome, lamination of fabrics, sewing, polyurethane for headers, electronic tablets led light, as well as all related plastic parts,” detailed company executives, who added that making these components generates a “solid foundation for success in a very competitive market to improve quality, reduce time and costs and respond quickly to the customer.”



Having the capability of work with customers since initial research and development phases is one of Daimay Automotive Interior strengths, since it facilitates the production process.

“Our experience also keep us in a leadership position.  Since the beginning we have invested in research and development, standing out as technology leaders.  Part of our success is being involved since the design stage with assemblers including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Volkswagen,” he said.

Regarding certifications, quality and continuous excellence is part of Daimay’s philosophy, since they had a quality system under the standard IATF 16949.  Counting in addition with testing laboratory, equipment with processes and reliable inspection methods.

“We make sure that our products occupy a leadership place and as result we have received awards such as Outstanding Global Supplier, of GM; Class A Supplier, of VW; Strategic Supplier of Chrysler; Q1 Certification, of Ford; Outstanding Supplier of Faurecia, among others,” he underlined.

While in sustainability and environment terms, Daimay plant in Ramos Arizpe has the ISO 14001 certification and in the company, they fulfill to favor ecology.