Within the framework of the celebration of the World Environment Day, Miguel Angel Riquelme, governor of Coahuila recognized and congratulated the companies that with their investment projects have achieved becoming certified as Green Industry, since they represent a great contribution to ecosystem care.

A total of 41 companies, that voluntary fulfilled an environmental audit, received the distinction Green Industry, which consists of actions to achieve a better air quality to enforce the environmental law, where good results have been accomplished. 

Riquelme Solis said that this has had great significance for Coahuila, job generation, but also to improve the environment and the quality and encouragement of companies settled in the state.

“The fact that we are so united and together, that we know the consequences of job generations, but also in the counterpart in which environmental care has to be sought, that is what will take us to reach goals and position Coahuila in the best places of environmental care indicators,” said the state executive.

Meanwhile, Javier de Jesus Rodriguez Mendoza, head of the Environmental Agency, presented the Green Industry framework program, in which was measured the protection fulfillment established in our state.

“This administration has engaged the commitment of taking care of our environment, what has been clear, real and compelling, since it is not easy as this is a distinctly industrial state, promoting care awareness in each and every productive sector that integrates our state,” said the Environmental attorney.

He also said that being Coahuila an economic power, he is pleased because the entity has made the decision that, within the framework of the World Environment Day, recognizes companies with the Green Industry Certificate, creating thus an uncommon symbiosis but that here is demonstrated with actions it is effective.  Some of the certified companies have invested economic resources in new technologies to reduce electric power consumption, seeking to improve processes with cleaner and friendly production systems and with that strengthen the entity.