With a delegation that traveled with the objective of creating links for investment attraction, Coahuila consolidated as an Automotive Mexican power in 2019 Auto Shanghai, an event where sector suppliers were present, world leaders interested in expanding or begin operations in the State.

Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis, governor of Coahuila, explained that the Promotion and Strategic Projects team that attended this auto show, celebrated in the National Exhibition center in Shanghai, closed business meetings with 20 Asian companies, mainly Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
“All this talks about Coahuila being consolidated as a referent Automotive Cluster, not only because of our geographic position, but for everything public policies have done to strengthen our industry and mainly our human capital,” he noted.

“It is important to mention that Coahuila was the only state in Mexico that attended this important international event,” said the state official.
2019 Auto Shanghai hosted more than 1,000 exhibitors from 18 countries and regions, 11,000 journalists that represent 2,035 organizations from national and foreign media, within an exhibition area of 360,000 square meters, all renowned manufacturers and suppliers, as well as different recently created companies.
This fair, after 18 years of success, has become one of automobile exhibitions with high authority and international influence in China, since it is an important event for exchange and cooperation among Chinese and foreign automotive industries.

The event offered an excellent platform for automobiles manufacturers and suppliers for the presentation of new technologies and products, as the main fair subjects were electric mobility, self-driving and cars connected where exhibitors, manufacturers and renowned suppliers, as well as different emerging companies showed their innovations at 13 rooms of the National Exhibitions and Convention Center (NECC.)


Jaime Guerra Perez, secretary of Economy in Coahuila, underlined the importance of attending with the purpose of establishing new commercial contacts and create ties to generate investments in Coahuila.
He noted that during the event, the Promotion and Strategic Projects team held an approach with more than 80 companies and business meeting with 20, mostly with companies from China and Japan.

Among the most outstanding meetings, the Coahuila delegation talked with one of the most recognized companies in development and production of automotive transmission in China and leader in transmissions and manufacturing of components for vehicles, becoming an important strategic partner of recognized automotive companies worldwide.
Another company to which is highly attractive to invest in Mexico and especially in Coahuila is a company that have been designing and manufacturing products for vibration control for assemblers for more than 20 years.

He said that they talked with a company focused on supplying electric energy engines, composed mainly of innovative and forefront models in design; likely, with the largest world supplier of aluminum sheets for the automotive industry, with presence in Asia, North America and Europe.
Meanwhile, Sofia Delgadillo Diaz, director of Promotion and Investment, explained that additionally they had a presentation with a company dedicated to promote seats manufacturing companies with smart parts and complete solutions to increase vehicle driver comfort, due to their different strategic alliances and customers in Mexico, such as Magna, Lear Corporation and Adient, among others established in Coahuila.

He detailed that they held a meeting with companies participating in automotive sector, electronics, railroad, aviation, machinery and medical, which has among its main customers have Tier 1 companies such as Mahle, Stabilus and Infac, which are located in the entity, therefore they showed great interest on a potential investment.
Finally, he noted that there have been meetings with the largest company in China, another Korean dedicated to the production of turbochargers and with a Swedish company present in 27 countries

Moreover business meetings held in the Fair last days, companies dedicated to improve automobile safety, specialized in field vision systems and suppliers of systems for reception worldwide, showed interest in Coahuila when learning about the entity strengthens and benefits.