Caterpillar is one of the pioneer companies within La Laguna Industry, as, since its arrival in 1999, it was the cornerstone that triggered the region’s economy, and settled the path for more companies in La Laguna.  Today, 20 years after, Caterpillar celebrated two decades of great efforts in Torreon by unveiling a plate.

In Torreon, Caterpillar is dedicated to the production of heavy manufacturing, mainly chassis and tooling for front loaders and excavators, as well as construction machines in North America, Europe, and Brazil.

Tonny Fassino, vice-president of Caterpillar, thanked workers for attending this celebration and said that throughout time, the production center located in the Industrial Ferropuertos Industrial Park has stood out for its safety and quality.

He remembered that this venue opened in the supper of 1999, with 80 employees.  However, today there are 1,300 workers from La Laguna, of the 12,000 that exist in 25 operations in more than 27 cities of Mexico, and that ship 18 trucks to countries like the United States, Brazil, England and soon to India.

Fassino said that the purpose of the company is for “our solutions help to build a better world” and finally he invited employees to continue with their safety, quality approaches and in ‘making a happier life for all the people in it.’”

Meanwhile, Gregorio Garza, general director of the plant, announced that this company has not only made the difference in machines manufacturing but also in La Laguna, as they are always looking to get back to the community that gives them.

The company recognized 31 employees, for 20 years of career.  The awarded were Julio Cesar Aguilar Montoya, David Aldape Bernal, Raul Botello de Leon, Jose Humberto Castro Hermosillo, and Leonardo Espino Rodriguez.

In the unveiling event were also present Doug Patterson general manager of Caterpillar; Jaime Guerra Perez, secretary of Economy in Coahuila; Roman Alberto Cepeda, secretary of Labor in Coahuila; Ramon Davila, secretary of Economic Development in Coahuila, among other officials.