The American company is one of the largest in the world and has a diversity of activities

Caterpillar is an American company with global presence dedicated to a great diversity of industrial areas, with presence in 192 countries, having among its locations Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, where currently the plant is dedicated to foundry sector.


Founded in 1925 by Daniel Best and Benjamin Holt, Caterpillar has about 98,000 employees worldwide; while in Mexico there are 11,500 workers and 304 people daily working in excavation pieces foundry in Ramos Arizpe since 1999.


“In Ramos Arizpe is a steel foundry business, we do components for the market of parts that have direct contact with the excavation land and are adapters and points use Caterpillar machines,” thus said Fernando Lopez, manager of the plant in Caterpillar Ramos Arizpe.


Caterpillar has five main businesses: construction (machinery,) mining (trucks for minerals extraction,) energy and transportation (engines, locomotives, turbines) and customers and dealers supports and went from having American capital to quote at the stock exchange, therefore the capital currently comes from investors around the world.


As mission, the plant in Ramos Arizpe seeks producing molten steel pieces for the global market of the industry of soil movement, developing and manufacturing high quality products, delivering on time through improvement.


Regarding their products addressed to the construction industry, 100 % of those are exported to countries such as China, Netherlands, Brazil, India, Indonesia, as well as Texas, Illinois, Kansas among other cities in the United States.


About Coahuila workers, the manager of the plant in Ramos Arizpe underlined the talent existing in the State and explained that one of the largest goals in the southeast region of the entity is to attract it and retain it.


“We have enough challenges regarding competitiveness, is the committed area and complex product.  Attracting and retaining the talent here in the area which is highly competitive is a great challenge,” he said.


Entering in detail into the southeast area, Fernando Lopez highlighted the strengths Ramos Arizpe has and the main reasons to settle here since 1999 and continue producing great volumes.


“This area is geographically privileged, we have a corridor that comes from the pacific to the northern part of the country, we depend in much of the integration with other plants, as by being a steel foundry and the other plants with which Caterpillar counts in the northern part, in Torreon, Monterrey, Acuna and Reynosa and those plants generate steel scrap, and that steel for this plant is raw material, therefore its process (of the other plants) generate the raw material that we need.  Location is fundamental, being close the other ‘sister’ plants” he explained.


Around the country, Caterpillar is noticed for having different certifications, according to the needs of each plant, and in Ramos Arizpe is not the exception, since it counts what is needed in order for the plant can operate in perfect conditions.




Beyond the business Caterpillar represents in construction and mining, the company has expanded gradually, in such manner that CAT owns 21 brands of different activities inside the industry and services.


“These brands are important, as they make the company be suitable diversified to support high and low economic cycles.”


“Caterpillar locates in the 82nd of FORBES, from the top 100 of Global Brands we are number 89, it is a very complete company,” ended Fernando Lopez.