The National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (CANACINTRA, by its Spanish initials) Torreon held its second symposium ¿Y Ahora Que? La Realidad de la Industria (Now what?: the reality of the industry) with the participation of important international speakers such as the communicator Leo Zuckermann and the former treasurer of the United States.

Before more than 500 attendees to the Convention Center Torreon, specialists presented their topics providing a scenario from their perspective regarding industrial reality in Mexico.

The symposium was opened by Carlos Brana Munoz, president of CANACINTRA Torreon, who said that the objective of this event was to learn the strategies big companies develop in their business, expanding the scenario to know what to do as small and medium entrepreneurs.

“It is a meeting point with conferences created to learn the most important aspects in the industrial and financial area of the country, where international figures explain us the strategies to face changes, in such manner that there are tools that help companies planning, either they are medium or small companies, achieving their permanence in the market,” he explained.

Moreover, at the traditional ribbon-cutting were present authorities like Jose Luis Vega, national vice-president of CANACINTRA delegations; Jaime Guerra Perez, secretary of Economy in Coahuila; Roman Alberto Cepeda, secretary of Labor; as well as Jorge Zermeno, mayor of Torreon.

Leo Zuckermann was the first in taking the scenario to lecture his conference focused on the reality and economic perspective of the country after one year of the federal government.

Meanwhile, Rosario Marin, first Mexican migrant achieving to be United States treasurer in President George W. Bush administration, who channeled her talk on female leadership.

“Always do the right thing, give your best and discover your mission in life, as well as respect others as you respect your loved ones,” was one of the motivational phrases that moved many at the Convention Center Torreon.

Besides, within the facilities of La Laguna complex, stands were settled from companies members of CANACINTRA, with information regarding their commercial activity, as well as tastings for attendees. Finally, a toast was held with dinner for attendees of this second symposium.