BIC Shavers is a multinational French company, which have been established in Ramos Arizpe, Coah. for 10 years, this plant contributes to BIC be considered as one of the largest companies in products manufacturing worldwide.

The company was founded in 1945, began the ballpoint pen manufacturing known today as BIC Clasico, later they expanded their catalog of products until having what we know today.

BIC is dedicated to the manufacturing of consumption items, has three of stationary category, which are writing items; the second line they manage are lighters and the third category BIC manages are shavers, this last one is that the Coahuila plant does, which is located at the Santa Maria Industrial Park.

Gustavo Gomez, plant director of BIC Shavers Mexico, who has been working for 30 years for the company, explained the company history in the State, revealing that it began as a shavers’ packaging plant, but as years passed by they began manufacturing these shavers that today go for the most part to one of the most demanding and more competitive markets: the American.

“We were born in March 2009, we opened this plant nine years ago which during its first four years as shavers’ packaging company and as of 2013 we become a manufacturing plant,” he detailed.

Persistence has characterized the plant in Ramos Arizpe, as it slowly has grown, they incorporate new machinery every year to increase their production.

“We are on an expansion phase here in Ramos Arizpe, in order to have great manufacturing capacity in the future.  We have been investing about 4 million Euros in machinery since 2014.  What we intend is to duplicate the volume capability of the plant for 2025,” said Gustavo Gomez.

GLOBAL COMPANY Globally, BIC has about 16,000 workers worldwide; while the plant in Ramos Arizpe currently has 350 employees, and it is expected the “BIC family” will continue growing.  In detail, every year BIC manufactures 2.6 billion shavers around the world, which means they manufacture about 9.6 million shavers every day.

In Coahuila production volumes are of 350 million of shavers per year, of which, 94 % goes into the North American market (the United States and Canada;) while 6 % remaining goes for internal market, as well as Central and South America, in addition of Australia and New Zeeland, according to data provided by the same company.



BIC maintains a philosophy of continuous innovation since 1945, without leaving the past aside which has taken them to where they are today.

“We have as a mission a philosophy that says ‘Honor the past, invent the future’ and our vision is to offer simple, innovative and reliable products, which are at hand of everyone at any moment in any place.

“Bic has five basic values that combine and are the pillars of our company and are ethics, responsibility, simplicity, teamwork, and creativity,” the executive added.

Regarding certifications, the BIC plant in Ramos Arizpe is in continuous evolution and goes for more.  “We are working under ISO 9000 certification.  In the following weeks we will be working under ISO 14000, which is an environmental standard and in the future will have ISO 18000,” he noted.

Regarding the fact of working in the Southeast Region of the State, Gustavo Gomez said that they made the correct decision for different reasons.

“The decision of the plant settling in Coahuila, was after making an evaluation of feasibility in different locations and finally Ramos Arizpe was chosen because it fulfilled most of the assessed points.  One of the advantages is the proximity to our main customer in the United States, as well as the easiness of the communication routes we have from the plant to the border in three hours, which facilitates us the logistics of exports and materials movement.  Another factor is the proximity to Monterrey, in addition to the experience and availability of the workforce, as well as the services required by a manufacturer company,” he ended.