Bendix is a North American company that found in Ciudad Acuna its second home, since it has 30 years of operations in Coahuila’s soil, where they have opened three plants and a high technology center.


The American company develops and provides innovative active security technologies, energy management solutions and systems and cargo components and air brakes control under the Bendix brand for medium and heavy trucks, tractors, trailers and other commercial vehicles in the entire North America.

Jackie Perez, manager of Bendix Acuna Plant, underlined the importance of having the support of the people in the border area and reasserted how proud they are of being established in Coahuila’s territory.


Regarding the growth of the company since 1988, the directive said that it has been exponential in the last decade.  “Bendix has grown a lot, too much investment has arrived in manufacturing, technology, training of people to have well trained workforce.  The growth of the last 10 years I would say has been higher than 200 % in sales and products,” she detailed.


There are more than 2,000 employees in Ciudad Acuna currently employed on the three plants and on the distribution center and as years passed by, Bendix has had important transformations, expanding thus the diversification of their product and developing new projects.


First it was Plant I, on May 1988 functioning as main assembly and production of OEM for the business unit of Controles.  Then was Plant II, in 2000, for the remanufacturing and services of OEM as part of the Cargo unit.  In 2010, Plant II was opened to manufacture actuators products.  The fourth plant, an active logistics center, joined the operation last Autumn.


“We have three plants, in 1 we are focused on electronic valves; in plant 2 we dedicate to compressors, dryers and modules; while in plant 3 we have the actuators.”


“Here we started with one plant and one product, assembly only and as years passed by products have been added and today, we not only do assembly, we also machine in plant 1 and 2,” she added.


Bendix exports 100 % of their products, and the countries where they are addressed are the United States, Germany, Japan, among other Asian and European countries.

Regarding Coahuila workforce, Jackie Perez underlined the desire to excel workers have.


“What we see on people is that they are coming looking for an opportunity to improve their economic situation and in turn continue studying and being trained.  People comes willing to work, here in Acuna we are supported by the maquila association that provides us help for what is needed, in addition of having the technological facility, this last thing thanks to the proximity with the United States in the border,” she assured.



Bendix has been concerning on leaving a mark in Acuna, since they have collaborated with bordering society in an altruist and inclusive manner, supporting institutions and organizations that will help to the development of citizens.

“Throughout 30 years, Bendix Acuna has accumulated a noticeable amount of achievements: from growing initiatives and the expansion of its production high technology capabilities to community support efforts deeply significant,” said Carlos Hungria, operations director at Bendix.  “Likely important, men and women of Acuna operation has transformed it in a valuable corporate citizen on their local communities in Mexico and Del Rio, Texas, the sister city of Acuna on the other side of the border with the United States,” he added.


“Bendix is very focused in Coahuila’s youngster’s education, we have students working together with mentors to see what the manufacturing industry actually is and they realize how to apply in daily situations what they see at school,” said Jackie Perez about the recent creation of the Bendix Center CECyTEC.


“Different applications arrive to us from institutions and organizations, we try to support as much as we can to society, currently we are working with a children’s home we built and those are commitments we have.  We were helping the people that lost their homes for the tornado in Acuna, among other things,” he ended.