One of the big challenges that Coahuila has faced in the last years is the growing demand of workers in companies, since as the state industry has grown, each time is more necessary to recruit more employees, even bringing them from outside the entity, that is why the different Government offices have created job fairs, such is the case of the past Job Macro-fair, which was held in the southeast area of Coahuila (Saltillo, Ramos Arizpe and Arteaga.)

This fair organized by the Employment National Service, was attended by more than 50 companies from State’s southeast, as well as some government offices and was offered more than 2,200 jobs for operators, technicians, professionals, elderly people and people with disabilities.

“This fair includes all the sectors, mainly by the characteristics of the southeast region there are too much automotive industry, almost all have some branch or are satellite companies from the big assemblers in the State,” said Mariano Reyna Aguirre, Linkage director of Employment National Service.



Before the constant demand, recruiters from different companies coincided in that results from the exponential growth of Coahuila in the industry.

“It is an enormous growth the one we have had until now.  This causes people wishes to move to the State,” said Joel Robledo, recruitment coordinator in Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA.)

Fabian Perez, recruiter from Lenox, of Ramos Arizpe, he said that “the recent growth is a good impulse for all people, because they have more job offers and generate an impact in order for the entire country turning to see this area (Saltillo, Ramos Arizpe and Arteaga.)”

“Where I work (Ramos) there are three or four plants to be opened and practically it can be seen a growth for 2018 stronger than the one for this year.  Here you have countless plants that are not in other places and that is the main advantage we have.   That makes people from other States come here to work with us and therefore we will have more workforces,” he added.

One of the great factors for the constant development is the location of the State, since companies of American capital are turning and seeing Coahuila as a bastion to build their plants.

“Strategically, the competitive advantages of Coahuila by geographical location are many. We are a zone that has grown a lot, we border with the United States and in the importing and exporting side is very easy to arrive products, we bring merchandise from Japan in 16 hours,” highlighted Jose Angel Cerda, superintendent of Human Resources at Adient Derramader, company focused in the automotive sector.

On his part, Manuel Verdu, human resources coordinator in Deacero, highlighted the strengths and diversity in the State.  “The competitive advantages of Coahuila is that there are too much diversity, you can find from a smelting industry as we are (Deacero,) as of food, automotive, we are not a State of only one function, we are a variable State.  We have AHMSA, Tupy, Nemac, Deacero as smelting; there is Chrysler, General Motors, Magna, as automotive; there is LALA, Chilchota in food.  There is a wide variety,” he assured.



Due to the aforementioned, recruiters anticipate an encouraging scenario for Coahuila in the industrial sector.

“In 2018 I can see a strong scenario with all the opportunities present in the State, since definitely the most competitive advantage that Coahuila has is the industry, since many companies are moving here,” Joel Robledo anticipated.

“I am not seeing a considerable challenge for next year, since Coahuila’s population is very trained and with all the education being encouraged we will have the operative capacity to promote quality workforce in all companies, in the ones recently installed as well as the ones arriving next year,” Mariano Reyna explained.