Former known as Delphi, Aptiv started its own history in Saltillo

Aptiv is a company that recently emerged after a transformation, passing from the division of Delphi industries to be an independent company.  It was dedicated to the development and manufacture of technological tip auto-parts, as well as electric components for vehicles around the world.

Waldo Rodriguez, cluster manager for Saltillo operations, explained this company acting, which started operating as Aptiv just last December.

“Aptiv is a company dedicated to provide technology solutions focused in mobility concepts.  We manufacture a very important rage addressed to the automotive industry to create connectivity and mobility solutions in vehicles from Mexico and the world, we have about 3,000 different products,” he said.

Initially, the company started operations as Delphi 23 years ago, practically since the automotive industry arrived, but by the end of last year Aptiv transformation emerged, according to Waldo Rodriguez.

“Aptiv is a company that has just come into being, but that it comes from a solid story that was born with Delphi in the southeast region of Coahuila, this in 1995 when molding and assembly operations started under the name Delphi, from company strategies, seeking to attack those increasing markets the decision was taken of focusing the business under a new image: Aptiv,” he said.

“Several events make possible the opportunity of focusing company’s strengths (Delphi) together with other acquisitions that make a stronger portfolio orientated to this market of technology focused in vehicles.  Finally, on December 5th was consolidated the strategy and we started operating under the name of Aptiv,” he added.

In Saltillo and Ramos Arizpe, Aptiv currently has 2,000 collaborators in its manufacturing operations as well as in the technology center.



Before an increasingly globalized market, the American company understands the importance of satisfying its customers’ technological needs, which is why they have this clear on their mission and vision.

“Our mission is to be a strategic partner for our customers, that allow them developing more innovative solutions in a world increasingly interconnected, our vision is to be a company satisfying the needs of our customers,” he cleared.

With the current trends, Aptiv has created a wide range of products for electric vehicles, having as one of its star products the loaders that allow keeping the vehicles in use efficiently with a lasting autonomy.

Among its most distinguished customers are large automotive companies such as Ford, General Motors and Tesla, exporting to North America, Asia, Europe and South America.

“The company has a strategy of being very close its customers and due to its location and logistics, our strongest market is the one of North America, approximately 50 % of our exporting goes to that market.  We also have customers in Europe, Asia and South America,” he explained.



One of the immediate challenges for the company is to make the customer quickly relate the Aptiv name with quality, as Delphi was not long ago.

“In a short term the challenge is to consolidate Aptiv with same or more solidity than the one from Delphi.  In the medium term is to offer increasingly innovative solutions in an even more interconnected,” said the cluster manager for Saltillo operations.

Since its operations as Delphi, the company has dedicated to provide quality services, in such grade that has granted them certain recognition.

“We have recognitions such as Clean Industry, Shingo Price, recognitions from several of our customers and we are operating under the IATF standard.”



According to Waldo Rodriguez, the competitive advantages offered by the southeast region in Coahuila are many, but one of the most important is to be surrounded by prepared collaborators.

“Firs and I considered it the most important thing is that we have very capable collaborators, well prepared from different educational institutions in several parts of Coahuila and the rest of the country,” he assured.

“Another strength is to be inside one of the most dynamic automotive region in Mexico, another advantage is the proximity with the border, which allows us to optimize the logistic process for the supplies we use in our production, as well as the export of the finished products,” he concluded.