With an investment of 900 million pesos, the Canadian company ABC Group opened in Ramos Arizpe its fifth plant in Mexican soil and number 37 worldwide, confirming the Southeast region of Coahuila as a true bastion of the automotive industry not only of the state, but of Mexico.

The new plant, located in the FINSA Ramos Arizpe Industrial Park, aims to generate more than 400 jobs when it reaches 100% of its capacity, and will be dedicated to the manufacture of plastic interiors for the automotive sector, arriving to provide new models, such as they are the Chevrolet Blazer of General Motors and the RAM Heavy Duty of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

“This facility represents an investment of 900 million pesos, which gives ABC a greater opportunity to produce world-class automotive parts for our customers and to position our company in a better strategic location,” said Todd Sheppelman, CEO of the company during the opening ceremony.

Auto-parts, stirrups, engine covers, air conditioning ducts and liquid bottles for automotive use are the products that will initially be manufactured in this new plant in Ramos Arizpe, which joins five production centers in Mexico, in turn they are part of 37 facilities worldwide, including 30 manufacturing plants distributed in the countries of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Poland, China and Japan, which serve more than 40 customers worldwide.

“With our five ABC plants in the country, more than 25 % of the company's global revenues come from Mexico, therefore we will continue encouraging growth and add facilities in this region, as our clients increase their production capacity here,” explained Sheppelman.

Currently there are 200 workers, including administrative and operative, who have already started work in the facilities that have two hectares and with a reserve of 14,000 square meters, which can be used according to strategic planning, since it is anticipated that for December it will be operating at 75 % of its capacity and in the event of an increase in production there would be an expansion, and as the activities grow, the staff could reach 429 employees.

The CEO of the ABC Group highlighted the exponential development that the company has had from 2016 to date, since it has grown more than 25 %, becoming a ‘premium’ provider worldwide, with a value of 1,200 million dollars.

He noted that they are a major supplier in North America, whose products are present in 78 % of light vehicles and participate in 15 main vehicle programs.  Now the portfolio is strong in the SUV, crossover and pick-up segments that lead a growing part of the North American market share and 85 % of the company's revenues come from this segment in the global market.

Meanwhile, Sergio Arguelles, president and CEO of FINSA, announced that the construction of two hectares was fulfilled with the highest international standards, working very hard in the last six months, both in design and construction, to make this project a reality.  He also said that in the FINSA Industrial Park of Ramos Arizpe there are 11 companies installed, which employ more than 2,500 workers.





With the representation of Governor Miguel Angel Riquelme Solis, the ribbon cutting and the revelation of a plaque alluding to the event were in charge of Jose Maria Fraustro Siller, Secretary of Government.

The official welcomed the Canadian company and also emphasized that the state leader is on an economic promotion tour precisely in Canada, seeking to strengthen relations with that country to attract new investments.

“We are working in Canada, we are interested in the relation with this great country, in fact we want a future full of projects.  I would like to tell you how grateful we are for the confidence deposited in our state, on its people.  In this Southeast area is found a great workforce,” he noted.

“ABC Group arrives to strengthen the Automotive Cluster Coahuila even more, which is one of the strongest in the country, as we are the number 1 export state in transport equipment in Mexico, representing a total of 19 %, with a total production of more than 600,000 light vehicles and more than 82,000 of heavy cargo,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Jaime Guerra Perez, head of the Ministry for Economic Development, Competitiveness and Tourism (SEDECT, by its Spanish initials) told Mexico Industry from Canada that ABC Group will have all the support to consolidate and grow, generating prosperity for the inhabitants of the Southeast Region and all of Coahuila.

“Another Canadian investment is very important for us, as ABC Group comes to join this large number of companies that are choosing Coahuila due to their safety, their quality of skilled workforce, their productivity and competitiveness,” he said.

“One more company in the automotive industry, which is consolidating us as a very important Cluster in the state and will continue to be added like other companies in this sector that have already announced that their investments will continue in the state, which makes us very happy,” Added the Secretary of Economy.

Meanwhile, Lilia Maria Flores Boardman, mayor of Ramos Arizpe, was happy with the arrival of new investments, particularly from leading companies in their field.

“I am very pleased to see the arrival of this company, which is one of the most important manufacturers of automotive components and systems in the world, such as ABC Group,” he said.

The event was attended by executives Alberto Calderon, plant manager of ABC Ramos Arizpe; Alejandro Vergara, vice-president of operations at ABC México; Ken Friedman, Director of Operations of the Canadian company, as well as its CEO Todd Sheppelman, as well as the municipal and state authorities, who at the end of the opening, toured the facilities of the plant.




For over 44 years, ABC Group has been a leading supplier of the industry with innovative products for automotive manufacturers throughout the world. Therefore the continued growth of ABC is linked to its broad history of providing solutions, establishing itself for more than 30 years in Mexico.

Given this, Todd Sheppelman visualizes the company updating its products as the automotive industry evolves in the coming years.

“ABC is investing in the development of products for the electric and autonomous automotive industry.  Our continuous focus on light technologies for smart technologies will provide us with the right solutions for the next generation of vehicles. We anticipate that we will continue to grow at least an additional 25% in the next four years, being a significant percentage,” he concluded.