Mexico continues to be an attractive destination for national and foreign investments, even though the junctures being lived nationally and internationally, nothing wrong had what was achieved in the previous sexennial with a direct foreign investment amount of 198,733 million dollars, which translates in jobs and social wellbeing.

There are several factors that investors or company owners consider to decide where to risk their capital, from environmental issues to natural resources availability immersed in their production or transformation processes.

Thinking that Mexico is only attractive because of its workforce cost, will be limiting all the advantages this country has to continue being an investments magnet, besides it has stopped being a purely manufacturing country to become more specialized, incidentally the first self-driving automobiles that will be driven worldwide are being created here, I have no doubt that in a short term of time our engineers are capable of generating their first design or automotive or aerospace brand.

It is time of seeking to develop a larger national identification labor culture, based in two of the characteristics of Mexican people, their creativity and innovation (the quickness of generating memes confirms it,) we need a labor culture that sees work as a way of contributing and not only to subsist, a culture that finds a way to transcend and only of having through their work.

We also need leaders of this new labor culture that understand that from any position in the organization they can be questioned and that this does not imply being confronted, this country requires leaders that understand how to guide and not only give orders, leaders that arise a new labor culture, be capable of developing ideas that serve to solve organizations’ needs, leaders that see the common good as a goal and that not only see their objective.

As more efforts Government and private initiative do to continue being attractive for investment, at some moment these will not be enough, therefore we, companies’ collaborators, have to migrate to a new, authentic and innovative labor culture, for it to work as promoter for more investment, for it to be the difference factor with other nations.

It is time to we all contribute to our country to continue being an attractive place for investment, it is time for the academy to evolve and stop being only a knowledge manager and migrate to generate more knowledge, we are inverted in knowledge area, same that we must use for more companies to arrive which represent better work conditions and thereby generate better life quality for all of us.

As surprising as we could thing, even the current government, the entrance of employees has to be correlated with the productivity that as a country we generate and precisely there we have a field full of opportunity.


“It is not about what you do, but in how you do it!”