The event was held at the vicinity of CANACINTRA Coahuila Sureste

A very important factor for the Coahuila industrial growth of in the last years has been the excellent recruitment provided by companies throughout the State, with the organization of Job Fairs, one of them was held last month in Saltillo.

At the Convention Center CANACINTRA Coahuila Sureste, was carried out the second Job Fair in which the Ministry of Labor of the State Government offered 2,700 job positions, from which a great amount was for people with disabilities and elderly people.

At the presentation, the president of CANACINTRA Coahuila Sureste, Everardo Padilla Flores underlined the existing linkage between the Saltillo business sector and the new generations incorporated to the work life.

“The industrial business community is continuously requiring workforce, therefore the importance of the support from the National Employment Service and from the Ministry of Labor, this is an important event,” said Padilla.

“It is important to continue working the turnover part we have in the companies and for that we offered 2,700 vacancies, which are divided in four levels: the employee level, professionals, technicians and operator level, the latter where more places were offered,” said Octavio Ramirez, COPARMEX counselors at the Coahuila capital.

Meanwhile, Jorge Tafich, president of CANACO Saltillo, explained that unlike other regions in the country where there are no vacancies, in Coahuila there are many jobs, “this translates in growth opportunities for all families.  Let us remember that we are in one of the States with more job formality and Saltillo is confirmed as one of the most formal in the country,” he described.

Payments of up to 40,000 pesos in positions for employees, operators, technicians and professionals which were settled at applicants availability, thus was informed by Nazira Zogbi, undersecretary of Labor, who also announced the strategy from the Ministry to avoid personnel turnover.

“Right now a situation is given that in Coahuila there is more offer than demand, mainly in the southeast region and northern part of the State, obviously turnover is a very common behavior when there is too much job offer, and that is why we are working together with businessmen to decrease personnel turnover by designing strategies such as transversal training or in ‘soft’ skills,” he explained.

Likely, he said that this year are projected two more Job Fairs in the southeast region of the State and in total is anticipated to end this 2018 with 18 similar events throughout Coahuila, observing the one addressed to young people, in October for people with disabilities and elderly people, both with dates to be defined.

In such Fair participated 43 companies such as Wolverine, Mahhle, Quimmco, Matcor Matsu, Manufacturas Zapaliname, Whirpool, Kimberly Clark, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Dong Yang Piston, Truck, Hwaseung, Magna Formex, GST, GHSP, Pemsa Derramadero, Kolon Industries, Hyster Yale, Daimler, Adient, Tupy, among others.  Most of it belongs to the automotive sector.

An aspect to be underlined from people’s participation was that many of the jobs applicants could reach the vicinities of CANACINTRA thanks to the transportation provided freely from different points of the city.