Many times we think that acquiring furniture is only about buying it to place it in the personnel's space.  However, sometimes we do not know that a space has to be functional, must respect circulation and should have certain parameters to create harmony in the workplace.  This is to provide optimum solutions to what is in fact needed and required within the labor area, mainly in business and industrial areas.  

In order to achieve optimum solutions it is important to learn about many aspects of an office environment: type of lighting and coverings it currently has, number of users, functioning it will have, activities they fulfill and if there will be changes in this sense if they receive visitors.  These aspects are assessed not only for the space to be functional but for it to be also visually pleasant and comfortable for the user in his work area.  This because a space could be very ergonomic, have functional chairs, the storage space could be of the right size, but if it is dark, there is no harmony and the user is not comfortable, productivity will not be the same.

In our experience, customers have told us when the furniture change the labor environment in their favor, event in industries, where spaces are limited by the corporate and certain line has to be followed.

Even though, it is important to have a professional vision before purchasing furniture.  Many times furniture is bought in department stores, but there is not always the support to complement the space as such since the best place functioning has to be sought and for it to increase the productivity of the people that work on them.

Additionally, we have to take into account that regarding office and company furniture it is not only about a visual function.  There is beautiful furniture, but they do not fit an office or will not be functional because more storage space is required.

The benefits of acquiring suitable furniture are to increase the wellbeing of the user and the renovation of the brand or company.  When a chair is changed, for example, and a customer seats on it, he can notice if it is comfortable or not.  On the other hand, some companies, if they remain with the furniture for years, they can experience a lowering in the market, therefore renewing the furniture can help the brand being on trend.

For all these reasons, acquiring suitable furniture for labor areas is a long-term investment that must be taken into account.

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Natalia Arriaga and Liliana Garcia, Interiors Designers