The Government of the state of Chihuahua will open investment offices in Arizona, after seeing the interest businessmen from such State in the United States have about the border region of Juarez-El Paso, according to Carlos Yates, international affairs director of Tpi Composites.

This interest was given within the framework of eight representatives' visit of companies from Arizona which recently visited Tpi Composites plant 1 in Ciudad Juarez to learn their processes, personnel, and achievements.

“Tpi operations in Mexico represent 56 % of the company’s production worldwide, therefore the region is very important,” said Yates.

Among the companies that visited the plant were those dedicated to energy storage in batteries, as well as other energy areas.

According to Carlos Yates, such businessmen left with a good company impression, therefore they are interested in visiting the plant in the future.

Likewise, as from this interest, the Government of the state of Chihuahua decided to open an office in Arizona to channel investments from businessmen from that state in Chihuahua.

“The governor wants to promote Arizona investment in Chihuahua and that is why he decided to gather with different companies,” said Yates.

The international affairs director of Tpi Composites added that this work is done due to the disappearance of ProMexico offices, which as he explained, captured most of the foreign investment percentage to the country.

“Tpi is fully prepared to support the Government and be a promotion cannel in Arizona to Chihuahua. We will continue to support the State Government in carrying this agenda, therefore we are working together with them,” he ended.