Luis Carlos Ramirez Lopez, Kaman Aerospace plant manager, will lead the new board of directors 2018-2019.

The different management fulfilled by the Association has resulted in the official appointment of the city of Chihuahua as the venue of the Fortieth Fifth National Convention of Index, event that for the first time will take place in the state of Chihuahua, thanks to the effort of the State Government together with the Municipal Government and Index.


In 2017 Index fulfilled different activities such as the presentation of the Customs Update program, a project of technological integration in the customs sector to update the changes in law and projects implemented by authorities; they provide training about electronic invoicing 2018; advised in outsourcing to members orienting them to be in order before the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the Tax Administration Service, among other activities.


On the other hand, the Linkage and Talent Attraction area promotes the coordinated work with educational institutions and the review of the academic study plans, such as TecMilenio which develops a specialty focused in aerospace quality.  Also to attract talent to companies that held Recruitment Days.


Another axis of Index Chihuahua is Strategic Information and Innovation, where they provide the most important data to members such as cost per hour studies, studies on wages and salaries, job report, cafeteria and transportation cost.  In addition, the Association has the Information Technology Committee providing thus innovative ideas.


The group of collaborators from the Index Chihuahua office generates a work synergy in different axis supporting its member companies in aspects such as human encouragement, coordinating the workshop Definition of Strategies and Better Practices for Personnel Retention, what contributes to improve the job environment.


To conclude, Luis Carlos Ramirez encouraged companies to work together and thus strength the economy of the region.  “We will seek the wellbeing of the companies, but mainly of society.  Together and focused, as we do on each of our companies, we will continue to be a successful organism and a model to follow.”


The main lines of action that the new Index Chihuahua president will follow will be the industry representability, talent development, social responsibility, services and avant-garde infrastructure.


“I would like to acknowledge and thank the work and dedication of Maria Cristina Sanchez Chacon in front of Index Chihuahua during the period 2016-2017,” and emphasized his commitment in front of the Association.  “We have defined strategies to implement in the next two years in the new council and we will continue with the work being done in the previous administration,” he said.


During his participation, Luis Carlos Ramirez Lopez, president of the board of directors of Index Chihuahua 2018-2019, recognized the management made by Maria Cristina Sanchez Chacon, president of the board of directors from Index Chihuahua 2016-2017, who defended with integrity the interests of the manufacturing companies before the adversities presented during her administration.


The manufacturing industry in the state of Chihuahua export 42,000 million dollars per year and in the capital of the State it represents 23 % of the employment registered, contributing with 19 % of the total exports and Index Chihuahua members generate more than 6,000 million dollars worldwide.


In the last year Index Chihuahua integrated eight new companies that today are part of the 85 companies associated and 25 companies affiliated, generating 71,890 jobs in nine new different sectors of the industry.


The new 2018-2019 Index Chihuahua board of directives sworn-in, led by Luis Carlos Ramirez Lopez, who committed to continue the job done by the former board of directors and to work for the benefit of the industry in the State capital.