As Forefront of the national industry in Mexico, Cd. Juarez houses some of the largest plants from few companies.  One of them is Lear, La Cuesta complex, the largest sewing company worldwide managed by Lear Corporation, which makes it stand out from the 257 Lear plants distributed in 39 countries.

Originally, it started operations in 1982, which makes it a company with noticeable seniority in the city.  Currently it has about 5,600 collaborators in total, distributed in the 78 lines of the plant.

The complex Lear La Cuesta is a supplier of the automotive industry.  Among the products they manufacture for this sector are automotive garments and the assembly of small garments, in addition of sponge injection processes for recreational vehicle seats.

According to Lorenzo Archuleta, general manager of the plant, one of the advantages of Lear is its positioning as number one supplier of automotive interiors worldwide.  “At Lear we offer everything for vehicles, from design to the interior.  This has made us keep the customers we have, in addition of obtaining new,” he explained.

In addition of the size, one of the factors that make this plant standout compared with others in the world are the contributions of sales, which according to the general manager, are considerable.

It is important to notice that Lear has an important presence in the country, since it has 42 plants distributed throughout the country, generating 58 thousand direct jobs (60 % of these plants, in total 25, are in the state of Chihuahua.)

As well as several plants established in the city, Lear La Cuesta complex choose Juarez due to the location and proximity it has with the United States.  Its main customers are in the neighboring country; therefore the city has a suitable location to fulfill its purpose.

The general manager also explained that the plant has the required technology to manufacture its products, as CNC cutters, electric cutting, hydraulic presses and laser cutters.

Around 90 % of the supplies used the complex come from the United States and of Europe; however, they have national distributors, mainly of leather for some garments and steel suppliers for seats structures.  The manager underlined that they seek for national suppliers, although this situation is limited by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer.)

For this plant, the training process of collaborators is important and well defined, since the sewing of the garments depends on manual skills of employees.  “That is why the development of our personnel is basic,” Archuleta explained.

Lorenzo Archuleta also explained that an attractive that Lear finds in Mexico is the qualified workforce defined by him as healthy and productive.  “All this together is a guarantee for any of the investors,” detailed.

Currently, the plant has new projects at door, as a new Corvette model and new BMW cars.

About the values and principles on which the company is ruled, Lear has eight defined: innovation, efficiency, customers, diversity, teamwork, community, integrity and quality.

These values particularly rotate around sustainability and social responsibility measures adopted by Lear.  Among the activities that show the concern the company has for its environment are campaigns and strategies of social responsibilities, school painting, donations and support in fighting cancer.  “We work close with Fondo Unido.  Our employees make contributions and we have an employees’ committee that makes decisions on initiatives to where we will send our support,” he detailed.

Finally, the manager explained that the company has had a radical change in leadership model in Lear and an aspect to which they have particular value is the employee integration.  “We are seeking not only seeing them as employees, but as people.  We want to have their commitment and seek them to belong, therefore integrate them to the plant is fundamental.  We are looking for them to work in a place where they are valued,” he ended.