After three months of work, “The Bridge Accelerator”, a binational program of innovation and suppliers development for the manufacturing Industry program, successfully ended. This program was created by Technology HUB, along with The Hub of Human Innovation, and sponsored by Microsoft, Transtelco, Bosch ,and the Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development of the Government of the State of Chihuahua. In this program, a total of 11 companies from Ciudad Juarez and El Paso were trained.


Substantial results and closed businesss


·       1.5 million USD in purchase orders

·       52 purchase orders closed

·       36 proposals (open quotes in process)

·       33 new jobs created

·       250,000 USD of co-investment proposals


The Bridge Accelerator was created by Horman Millan, director of the program; Ricardo Mora, CEO of Technology HUB, Carlos Martinez-Vela, CEO The Hub of Human Innovation; and Rudy Vazquez, chief Industry officer of Technology HUB. Their goal was increase the small businesses´ participation and companies from the region in the supply chain, generating collaboration networks that enhance an innovation ecosystem and make business grow which, in turn, would create high jobs in the community.


According to SIDE and COPARMEX, currently, only 2 % of the region suppliers are part of the manufacturing supply that amounts to a total of 30 billion dollars per year.


During the Demo Day John Tavenner, general United States consul in Ciudad Juarez was present, along with Alejandra de la Vega, secretary of Innovation and Economic Development of the State of Chihuahua; Peter Ubelhoer, senior VP of Operations Robert Bosch; JJ Childress and Omar Saucedo, representatives of Microsoft El Paso and Ciudad Juarez respectively, as well as Mike Egan, director of Microsoft TechSpark, a Microsoft program in Seattle, Washington, besides directives and buyers from the manufacturing industry.

Demo Day: opportunity to make business

The closing of “The Bridge Accelerator” was fulfilled in the facilities of Technology HUB, where participating companies presented their sales speeches, services, and customers’ projects, buyers and potential investors.


From 25 companies that requested entering the program, eleven were chosen: Tamuse, Global Containers and Packaging, Solution Tools, PIMA, FASI, AMN Quality Solutions, Slined, AID Master Engineering, Genpact, Humantek y MADATA, which belong to different sectors, such as processes automation, processes of machining, robotics, molds and dies, plastics engineering, packaging, software for human resources, internet of things and digital services, testing equipment and vision systems. Some of them have a binational operation.


During the three months the program lasted, the participating companies had an intensive training, in which they received 10 training models with expert consultants in the industry and with wide experience in the needs of the manufacturing supply chain.


According to Horman Millan, director of “The Bridge Accelerator,” this program is enriching and unique in Northern Mexico and the South of the United States, since it benefited the industry suppliers, maquila companies and, in general, the Juarez-El Paso region. He underlined that months before beginning companies' training, the planning team talked with the industry to identify specific demands that were sought to supply during the program.


The winning project from “The Bridge Accelerator” was the company Global Containers and Packaging, a company dedicated to the manufacturing of customized packaging solutions.  Their prize was 25 thousand dollars in capital.


Regarding their winning and the program, Jose Ochoa, co-founder of the company, said the following:

“Winning is something extra since everyone in the program were winners for the experience generated, relations done, tools we took to the company. My company had a change as to synergy, understanding, and vision. The program exceeded my expectations. Definitely, I recommend this program, I suggest not to hesitate and seek to enter. It is worth it,” he explained.


“The Bridge Accelerator”, a necessary program in Juarez

From the results obtained, Horman Millan shared that this program has to be replicated not only in Juarez but in other cities in México, in order to benefit the Industry and suppliers.


That is why the manufacturing industry is invited to join as suppliers of the second generation programmed for the last quarter of 2019. There are three different ways to join:

1.    Official sponsor

2.   Share the specific demand of your company

3.   Recommending potential MSMEs that could benefit from the program


For more information, please contact the following emails: and, Phone. + 52 1 (656) 301 14 28