With the objective of encouraging the economic development of the region, Technology HUB will create “The Bridge,” which is a binational acceleration program to integrate the supply chain with manufacturing industries.

According to Ricardo Mora, general director of Technology HUB, this program is designed for SMEs which are currently city maquila industry suppliers, and that additionally have a capability of services lower than 10 million dollars per year.

“We have being doing the same for the past three years.  We know the entrepreneur, we take him by hand, but this will be the first formal acceleration program with a beginning and an end,” explained the director.

This event sponsors are Microsoft, Bosch, the Ministry of Economy, Transtelco and the Ministry of Innovation and Economic Development.

“What we are looking for is to sit suppliers with whom they make industry purchase decisions to reach closing a contract,” he underlined.

For Mora, this program goal is for Ciudad Juarez increase its supply chain, as it is a problem.  “2 % of supplies supply in the State are supplies coming from the area, but the remaining 98 % comes from other entities.  We are currently working to move this,” he detailed.

They have had worktables with the manufacturing industry to understand the demand and learn their needs.  Among the companies with which Technology HUB has had an approach are Bosch, Lear and Johnson & Johnson.  “We would like to develop how we work together, we will be helping on that chain,” added Mora.

This program has four phases: selection and demand analysis, diagnosis, acceleration and linkage.  In total, the program will last 20 weeks.

The winner of this program will receive $50,000 dollars, of which $25 thousand will be seed money and the other $25 thousand will be in credit for the development of software by Techtronic Company.

Finally, Ricardo Mora invited companies to join this program.  “We are excited because we want to run two generations this year: the first of ten companies; the second of other ten companies.  We are hoping to have 100 certified companies in five years,” he ended.