Seeking for more national companies to integrate the industry supply chain


The MRO Expo will be held in October 10th to 12th 2018 at the Convention Center 4 Siblos with the objective of gathering in one place suppliers and buyers from the Ciudad Juarez, El Paso and the interior of the country maquila industry.

At the MRO Expo 2017 were present more than 6,000 attendees and a record of local, national and international exhibitors, and a total of 324 modules.  In addition, the economic revenue in purchases of the exhibition was of 230 million dollars.  Likely, exhibitors reported a growth in their sales in an average of 12, 20 and until a 50 % during the event.  There were also achieved 3 thousand business meetings, when the initial estimate was of 2 thousand.

Also free conferences for attendees were also held during the event, there were international maquila companies such as Automotive Lighting, Electrolux, Lear, Honeywell and Strattec.

In MRO Expo 2018 is anticipated to overcome again the figures in sales, exhibitors, meetings and number of visitors.

Promoting the economic development of Juarez and Chihuahua

Desarrollo Economico del Norte, A.C. (DENAC) is one of the creators and promoters of this event, explained Hector Nunez, president of this organization.  “The main objective of the organization is generating more wealth in the Juarez society through employment and expansion of the companies settled here.  That is why this event was created, in addition of others, such as the Expo Residencia y Construccion,” he mentioned.

Nunez added that the event benefits not only small, medium and big companies from the industrial sector, but also companies of other sectors, such as restaurants, communication means, and transporters, among others.

The DENAC president also added that the event’s popularity has also grown in the last years.  “In the first edition of this event 30 companies participated.  Today more than 315 are participating,” he emphasized.

Facilities to exhibit

A noticeable aspect of the event is that for the duration of it participants could temporary import the goods they would like to exhibit, since the Mexican legislation anticipates this situation in the article 106 from the customs law, provided there is a majority share of foreign people and with the condition of that the temporary imported goods freely distributed are identified as exclusive for the desired exhibition, in this case, MRO Expo 2018.

Likewise, the customs law in article 61, as well as the added value law in article 25, exempts these customs operations of the payment of contributions of the general import tax and of the payment of the added value tax, being the payment of the customs process right the only obligation participants must pay.

Goods can be imported up to 12 months with the facility of changing the temporary regime to a definitive, once the different requirements established in the same legal ordering are fulfilled, the payment of contributions and regulations, in addition of the non-tariff restrictions applied to the corresponding regime.

Harness and wiring industry, present at MRO Expo 2018

Within this event, there will be a pavilion especially dedicated to the harness and wiring industry, the president of DENAC explained.  This due to the success the same exhibition had in the MRO Expo 2017.  “The participants themselves were the ones asking to repeat it because,” Nunez clarified.  This industry bases in providing wires and harnesses, connectors and the material required for their installation, which serves for energy or data transferring for different industries: automotive, electronic, medical and aerospace.

For MRO Expo 2018 are expected companies such as Aptix, Yazaki, Sumitomo, Furukawa, ECI, Lear, among others.

“The purpose is for attendees to have the opportunity of seeing new trends in machinery, equipment, new technologies, as well as distributors and suppliers,” Nunez underlined.

It is important mentioning that there are no exhibitions dedicated to the wiring processing technology in the region of Juarez/El Paso, except in MRO, despite of being an area where these goods have high demand.

Maquila suppliers: billionaire business

DENAC also explained that the MRO importance lies in that the activity of manufacturing and maquila supply in general generates great amounts of capital not only in the country, but in the region.  Maquilas buy 1,174 million pesos in inputs in a month. In dollars, this is 3.2 million dollars.

Likewise, the monthly average supplies expense in 2017 was of 58.122 billion pesos and in 2018, in the period of January-April, is 55.053 billion pesos, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI.)

According with the event organizers, this economic revenue is the reason why this kind of events is done.

“The objective is that a greater number of national companies are integrated to the maquila industry supply chain.  There is all kind of companies in Ciudad Juarez with great potential that can become maquila suppliers,” Nunez said.

Nevertheless, he also said that the local businessmen must be aware of the need to take risks, invest, train and be certified, in order for large maquilas, seeking for world-class suppliers, open their doors to them.

“To the extent more companies achieve to expand and create wealth, in that extent the social conditions of the city will be improved,” noted Nunez.  He added that although the maquila Industry leaves important revenue in wages in the city, as society Ciudad Juarez must aspire to create a solid suppliers base that achieve anchoring this important sector in the city.

“That is why the MRO Expo is done and that is why we have enthusiastically seen its growth,” he noted.

“If maquilas find everything they need here to produce, it will be harder that they would like to leave or seek other places to invest,” Nunez ended.