At Intermex Sur Industrial Park was celebrated the new Juarez plant Painting and Hydrographics, annexed to Jones Plastic.

The investment held for the creation of the new plant is 100 million dollars, with which they are seeking to optimize their production.

The new plant will generate 150 direct jobs and 180 indirect ones, and operations will be starting on January 2020, since at the moment they are launching tests and achieving quality certifications, said Andres Rodriguez Alvarado, operations manager of Juarez Painting and Hydropgraphics.

“The plant will be in charge of paint with companies already settled in the entity, one of them was BRP, and will have an automated paint system that will revolutionize what has been done in the city,” explained Jaime Campos, director of Industry at SIDE.

Jones Plastic was only dedicated to auto-parts plastic injection for recreational vehicles, but with the opening of Juarez Painting and Hydrographics, paint could be applied, technology and solvent-based to auto-parts.

“They will have an automated paint system, that revolutionizes everything done in the city,” said Jaime Campos, when referring to the use of technologies at the new plant.

In addition, Campos highlighted the trust Jones company has had in the city and in the state, thanks to its great team of collaborators from this are: “It is an example of the confidence that is taking place in Juarez and in the State, to continue growing in manufacture,” ended the director of the industry