Founded in 1998, Imssa is a growing company with many scopes.  Among its products are the application of coverages, aluminum extrusion and plastic injection, electromechanical facilities and of construction, designs and development of high technology products and its manufacturing.  In exclusive interview for Mexico Industry, its director, Guillermo Matamoros Aguirre, and the director of technology development, Oscar Miramontes explained the history and present of the plant.

The size of Imssa is considerable: 11 thousand square meters of production area and 3 thousand square meters of office areas.  They settled in the city because its directives are originally from Cd. Juarez.


For Guillermo Matamoros the plant stands out by its unique processes: “The combination and flexibility, mainly, of aluminum extrusion and plastic paint that already distinguishes us, since it is rare, and I dare to say that there is not, a similar process in any other place,” he explained.


As the plant is dedicated to the manufacture of too many products, it will be not possible to focus on each and every one of them.  However, one of the most emblematic processes of the plant is the one of powder coating.  “This product is fulfilled through a pretreatment, we add nanocirconium material to the part to be painted to fulfill the specification and continue with the next process which is founding the dust to be added to the metal.  Finally, we examine the product and packaging it.


The plant currently has three dust production lines, one of paint, one of aluminum extrusion and eight plastic injection machines, in addition of a manufacturing process and 3D printers.


Technology for electrostatic process is a standard technology that was some time in the market; however, Imssa has integrated it to adapt the processes to the specific needs of customers.  This paining process is unique, since the use of dust changes the usual sense of painting.  “When have you seen a refrigerator being painted? We manufacture that paint,” said Matamoros.


It is worth mentioning that the paint is environmental friendly.  The company employs 120 people, has certification ISO-9001-2015 and is in process of UL certification.  The plant mainly exports to the United States, but they are seeking for ways to export to other parts of the world.

Regarding Mexican workforce, Oscar Miramontes made a clear distinction between Mexican and Juarez workforce.


“Juarez workforce has a higher productivity level.  In the coasts and Bajio areas is different, but inside Chihuahua, Juarez has an advantage on workforce even compared with the capital.  People in Juarez struggle more.  There is a productivity level higher than in other parts such as Tijuana and the rest of the country.  I have friends that move to the Bajio area with their workers,” he detailed.


Imssa suppliers come mainly from Mexico and the United States: 70 % from the United States and 30 % from Mexico.  Supplies from Mexico are paints that come from Queretaro and Monterrey.


Company’s personnel receive continuous training to perform their work.  Imssa, in fact, has a training department.  Employees go through different levels in order to acquire the competences to fulfill their work.  This due to many processes is not common, since few local companies provide them the experience of working with aluminum extrusion, for example.  “It takes them three months to be familiarized with our processes,” said Miramontes.


Among the new projects of the company is a growth of plastic injection and aluminum extrusion processes, what supposes new products, higher volume and more equipment.


Within the sustainability and social responsibility measures that Imssa has adapted are the economic support to communities, support to the Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Juarez regarding the transfer of technology of 3D printing.  In addition, there is an agreement with the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez for an automation development project and the application of liquid paint.


Finally, Guillermo Matamoros considered that the values through which the company rules are honesty and integrity.  “Do not cheat to your employees and to not cheat your customers,” he ended.  Meanwhile, Oscar Miramontes considered that the company is 100 % Mexican; therefore one value is respect and local talent support.  “We are seeking to contribute not only to the community, but to the country with the technology being developed in this plant,” he noted.


More information

Name: Imssa

Beginning of operations: 1998

Activity: aluminum extrusion and plastic injection