Sonia Sabrina Alcantar Mejía, barely 26 years old, has set an important career in Continental Juárez.

Sabrina is originally from Cd. Juarez and graduated from UACJ, as an engineer in computer systems. Being a high school student at CBTIS 114, she chose a computer workshop, where he realized the natural ease with which she was able to develop all kinds of software. At that time, and with the support of his parents, she decided to major in computer science.

"What I like most is to see that you make a change through software and that, through this development, you can add value by streamlining and improving the results."

Sabrina came to Continental Juarez in 2017, through the Internship program, where she was placed in a project dealing with software quality: "It was curious - remember - I sent my resume and at just a couple of hours later they called me. The beginning was not easy, since I had to combine my student career with my new responsibilities, in an area of recent creation; however, it was a period rich in experiences. "

4 months later, Sabrina applied to an engineering in the area of MES, a position she currently holds. She is an important member of the application implementation team for Industry 4.0 and actively collaborates in the development of applications for launch lines at the company.

"In these 2 years I have refined my technical skills, but, above all, I have developed soft skills such as service orientation, networking, stress management. I have learned to prioritize and manage time, I feel, above all, that I have grown personally. " This testimony gives faith of the strategy that this company of the automotive sector maintains in what to development of talent and life-career balance refers to.

Where do you see yourself in the future? - "I see myself growing in manufacturing. I'm passionate about solving problems, so I want them to remind me: as a person capable of solving problems, streamlining processes and generating value. "

"In life I have learned that, to generate value, we must believe in ourselves and our possibilities and put them at the service of others. I have also learned to believe, trust and work with the Mexican coworker I have next: we Mexicans are very talented, we just have to believe in ourselves and learn how to collaborate,” she concluded.

More information

Name: Sonia Sabrina Alcantar Mejía

Education background: Computer science (UACJ)

Initial position: Internal of the software quality area

Current position: engineer of the MES area