Mobile devices and internet services gave consumers the power to openly communicate with companies. Their problem is the lack of technological preparation to manage these contacts in a centralized manner, which caused customers to increasingly complain about bad communication services. Companies understood that this bad management will end in loss of customers or reputation.


This is why, companies from around the world, mainly those specialized in services provision, they are paying more attention to customer satisfaction, understood not only at the moment of generating a transaction but in providing a follow up at any moment while the relation with the customer is active.


This has led to an important challenge in all industries.  However, the good news is that there is important progress in financial services and retail. Different companies are slowly including the Omnichannel communication concept to improve the relationship with its customers, as they have realized that previous practices, as Multichannel communication, worked with different channels, but messily.


Omnichannel distinguishes for looking a synergy relation with the consumer, executing interactions from a “single brain” or central unit, despite the channels used or, even, the departments that are in communication with the consumer such as CRM, invoicing, prevention of fraud, collecting, etc.


With this is sought to leave massive and impersonal strategies, to use more targeted strategies that can be prioritized and that show a true interest in customers. To achieve those objectives, artificial intelligence tools and automated learning have proven their efficiency. For example, FICO® has the solution Customer Communication Services which allows managing all kind of communication from a single platform through technologies that combine algorithms of artificial intelligence and human eye analysis, with which they have a customer vision, and not only take into account a product or department, during their entire life cycle in the institution.

By achieving the communication channels are centralized, the platform can learn from customer profiles, rebuild the intelligence and organize priorities actions for each department or action. This way, communication services with the customer determine which channels, schedules, and strategies are the most suitable for each customer, using each information detail.


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