Only few transnational companies can say that their plant located in Cd. Juarez is one of the most important worldwide.  Nevertheless, Sistemas Integrados Electroneumaticos (SIE) is one of them.  With almost twenty years in the sector, the plant shows a commitment with the Juarez industry and place high the name of the city.

Originally the plant was born in 2002.  According to Enrique Diaz, manager of the plant, directives, that came from other company, decided to form SIE and installed the plant in Mexico.  Nowadays, the company has 6 plants worldwide, three of which are located in Mexico (Hermosillo, Durango and Cd. Juarez.)

Its main activity is the production of electric testing for harnesses used in the automotive and aerospace industry.  However, they currently have an engineering area dedicated to automate processes in the industry.

The size of the plant 2,500 m2.  It houses more than eighty employees, which will be joined by even more, as the company is in an expansion stage.

One of the special characteristics of the plant is its strategic location.  “As most of our customers are in the area, the location enables us to contact the entire industry,” said Enrique Diaz.  This characteristic makes the plant so special that they even will be making it a corporate parent company.

Enrique Diaz shared that one of the values added that distinguish the plant is its quality.  For the plant manager, Mexican workforce is noticeable.  “Our workforce has specialized.  They can compete with anyone in the world.  They are so competent that the personnel occupying key positions in the company started in Mexico,” said Tetsuya Murayama, general director.

Despite they are specialized in harnesses manufacturing, its production line is complex and different.  This is because harnesses being manufactured vary from one vehicle to the other.

Diaz explained that, moreover they have the certifications required to be competitive in the market, the most important is the ISO:9001.  From all suppliers they have, 60 % is national and the rest is from abroad.  Some of its suppliers are Kalish, dedicated to steel and metals; IDESA, specialist in electric components; and SMS, that manufactures electro-pneumatic, mainly in Silao, Guanajuato.

Like other companies, SIE constantly trains its employees.  One of the schools in which they support themselves is the High Technology Training Center (CENALTEC, by its Spanish initials) to train their operators and technicians.

A commitment the plant assumes is social responsibility.  Diaz explains that the main ones are the one of not contaminate the rain drainage network, classification of industrial garbage and the opening to hire people with disabilities.

A similar commitment that SIE assumes is the credibility regarding the services they offer to their customers.  “In the automotive industry, everything is for yesterday,” Murayama explained.  “It is a very competitive industry in quality, service and delivery time.  In order to be active what we promise customers is what we deliver.”

SIE has several projects in the future.  Globally, the company seeks opening new plants in different parts of Mexico: Queretaro and Hermosillo.  For the plant of Durango and Cd. Juarez they are planning a complete renovation.  In the case of Juarez, corporates seek establishing the plant in another location inside the city.  This with the objective of improving the appearance of the plant but also its capability.


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Sistemas Integrados Electroneumáticos (SIE)

Start of operations: 2002

Number of workers: 80

Activity: automotive

Products: harnesses