Cultural diversity reflects multiplicity of opinions and increases the value in organizations


In a global company such as Continental, with more than 220,000 people located in 430 locations and 56 countries around the world, working within a diverse business environment is a constant.


This demands that conviviality and daily interaction from different cultures coexisting derive in a cultural enrichment where the approach is uniting and not making differences.


Cultural diversity currently is part of the world heritage.  This is why; to promote and celebrate diversity is an excellent business practice.


That is why that on December 6th, Continental Mexico gathered in one shout: “Cheer for diversity,” in thinking, acting and feeling.


The organizing team, integrated by members from different locations, offered to participants workshops, conferences and dynamics to increase the awareness of living in a plural world is more enriching.


Among the main topics highlighted: “4 generations, 1 plant,” “Internationality,” “Enabling the change,” “Unconscious bias” and “The work of the future.”


Participating locations were Nogales, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosi, Silao and of course, the hostess, Juarez 1 and 2, represented by their plant directors and human relations.


At Continental are convinced that diversity in opinions, approaches and experiences allow an organizational learning more and better integrated.


The people, styles, thoughts, cultures, products, markets and business environments.  Diversity in a company which is among the best suppliers of automotive parts worldwide.


Continental has defined 3 key levers of integral diversity:


1.    Products portfolio and markets: diversity of products to answer to the global market.

2.    Improve culture: to develop a more inclusive behavior that values and knows how to use differences.

3.    To create a business framework: which allows satisfying the needs of a workforce increasingly diverse.

Diversity on its multiple meanings is the base of strength for future success for being a creativity and innovation catalyzer.  And it is this characteristic what turns common all the members of the Continental family.


Continental Global Approach


“Diversity is an essential previous requirement of our future success in Continental.  Our capacity to manage and increase diversity within our company will improve greatly our capacity of managing the increasingly dynamic and complex environment in which we operate and that will help us to develop new solutions for our customers.  Magic is in our mixture and we need to use it.”