Although Juarez is known as a strong manufacturing center in Mexico and the rest of the world, the city has noticeable innovation and technology centers.  This is the case of Inteva Products, a technical center dedicated to automotive locks design which, in words of the manager, Victor Suarez, produces four of every ten locks of cars in Mexico.  In an exclusive interview for Mexico Industry, Victor Suarez explained the details of this company.

Originally, this technical center began as a Delphi division, until 2008, the year when it detached from Delphi to begin operations as Inteva Productos.  Currently, the plant has ten thousand square meters of work, and designs lock for cars, from the concept to the design of production lines where they are manufactured.  

In total, in Mexico are three Inteva plants: two in Matamoros and one in Guanajuato.  However, the plant in Juarez stands out particularly: “Our work team is very enthusiastic and dynamic.  They have good experience in the industrial sector.  The competition and the company recognizes us as one of the best technical centers in locks engineering worldwide,” shared Victor Suarez. 

According to the plant manager, the locks design process is complex.  First, they begin with the idea.  They have a team that works in understanding the cars’ needs which will be manufactured in five or ten years.  Then, they begin creating concepts in the computer, create a proposal for different functions.  As automatic cars need adjustments for safety systems, locks also have to work in an automated manner.

On the other hand, they have teams in charge of quoting with the different automotive manufacturers.  It is worth mentioning that Inteva designs and manufactures for all existing car brands in the market.  Once they have the design, they fulfill a virtual validation, then they manufacture prototypes with suppliers.  These prototypes finally undergo a virtual validation, if they have the expected quality.  

In total Inteva has six departments where 145 engineers work, from which 20 are technicians. Regarding Mexican engineering, the plant manager recognizes that their engineers are worldwide recognized since customers endorse the quality of Mexican technicians and congratulate them.  “Even our customers’ look for them to help them establishing the requirements they need,” he underlined.

In that sense, Inteva has patents fulfilled by Mexican engineers.

“They save lives with what they do.  Their work saves lives,” the manager highlighted.

Inteva engineers receive continuous training since according to Victor Suarez, there are no specific careers in Mexico that graduate professionals that have exactly the necessary skills to work in Inteva.

“That is why, our students' program of professional practices is important since in this period students complement their theoretical university training with industrial competences that Inteva requires from them to fulfill their engineering activities,” he detailed.

Likewise, engineers also received training from Brazilian and Indian engineers in specialized software.  “In this sense, creativity is important for this company, since the work they fulfill requires this aspect,” said Victor Suarez.

Within the projects, they have in the short term future are seven platforms of different locks that will be fulfilled this year.  “Usually we launch two or three per year, but this year we have this challenge,” said the manager.

Finally, the manager highlighted that the company performs social responsibility and exterior activities: at least twice a year they raise funds that they donate to underprivileged children, elderly people, and care centers for people with any mental disease.  In addition, they fulfill ecological activities, plant trees and have mindfulness practices.

“Mindfulness practices are part of the program of the standard 035, of the Ministry of Labor, focused on preventing psychosocial risk factors.  We are pioneers in the city in addressing psychosocial risks,” ended the plant manager.

More information

Name: Inteva Products

Start of operations: 2008

Turn: product design

Products: automotive locks

Number of employees: 145 engineers