Within the facilities of Index Cd. Juarez was held the 1st Human Resources Congress “Strengthening Human Capital,” aiming to promote conferences about new trends in human resources areas of different companies, maquila, and plants in Ciudad Juarez.

The event lasted two days and was attended by 16 supplying companies, mainly of services required by the human resources area.  Some of these companies were Tecnologico de Monterrey, Seguros Monterrey New York Life, Level Up, Telcel and InterAmerica.  In addition, conferences had more than 200 attendees. 

Some of the conferences taught during the congress were the following:

“Analytics and compensation trends before union challenges” by Martha Hernandez

“Total influence, leader role in work teams,” by Martin Castillo

“Business partner model and its interaction in business,” by Jesus Burciaga

“Processes of Change,” by Zeus Sanchez

“Emotional wage and success cases,” by Luis Elizalde

“How to be happy with my work,” by Arturo Villegas

According to Magdalena Alva, logistics coordinator of the event, the improvement in human resources is very important, since they are the cornerstone of the maquila industry in charge of providing human talent for organizations, therefore it has to be continuous training and development in order for companies and organizations grow.

This is the first edition of this Congress, but they expect to have another edition next year.

For Magdalena Alva, the most useful of this congress was to settle present human resources challenges in the industry and the way they have been solved by experts in the area, since, despite companies’ geographic location is different, problems are similar.  On the other hand, Alva considered that anticipating upcoming changes to be prepared with a vision of leadership is also important.

The logistics coordinator of the event underlined that as of the conferences they were able to create a strategy to solve the recruitment and personnel selection problem.  “It is important to raise awareness about the talent attraction process is only the first step.  Personnel retention will be achieved through good practices in the company which are not the only responsibility of human resources,” she detailed.  

“We would like for this event to take place every year aiming to support our members and other organizations in the city to strengthen the training of human talent areas, seeking to improve it on each edition,” ended Magdalena Alva.