Opened its new offices

Index Chihuahua to held the National Convention Index 2018


The Manufacture, Maquila and Export Services Association Index Chihuahua, opened its new offices.  This Association started in 1984 and for 33 years more than 80 associated companies have become members, which represent more than 70 % of the companies installed in the city of Chihuahua, in addition of having more than 20 companies affiliated.  Index Chihuahua represents 85 % of the total of the employment generated in the export manufacturing sector in the State’s capital.


Index Chihuahua represents the companies that work under the IMMEX program in the cities of Chihuahua, Cuauhtemoc, Delicias, Camargo and Jimenez, including 8 sectors such as the automotive, aerospace, electric, electronic, plastic injection, metallurgical, textile and medical.


The Association is formed by 10 Committees such as Environmental, Customs and Foreign Trade, Purchase, Finance, Human Resources and Talent Development, Social Responsibility, Health, Sourcing, Information Technologies, Personnel Transportation.  These Committees offer representability before local, state and federal authorities in different sectors, in addition of monthly sessions, analysis of different issues, solutions development and fulfillment of forums and conferences.


Among the benefits offered by Index Chihuahua are the solutions of conflicts, group negotiations, preferential tariffs, courses and training, “benchmarking” with different sectors, strategic information for decision making, sports competences, as well as updated and important information regarding the different sectors.


Index Foundation


Index Chihuahua Foundation is an Association without lucrative purposes established 19 years ago, which generates resources through donation from manufacture and exporting companies.  They have attention and hyperactivity programs, and oral health, “Hear well to learn better,” support for children with cancer, prostate cancer prevention, visual health, home expansions, community support.  This last 5 years, the foundation has benefited more than 12,000 people directly and more than 62,000 people indirectly.  Throughout 19 years, the total amount of donations reaches 75 million pesos.




The Kindergarten Index Chihuahua has as a vision to support vulnerable families working in the export manufacturing industry in the city of Chihuahua, providing them education and comprehensive development in an extended schedule to more than 200 preschool children.  In 2014, thanks to the support of the Fundacion del Empresario Chihuahuense A.C., constructed a building with an investment of 15.420 million pesos, with an annual investment of more than 2 million pesos.


Chihuahua Aerospace Cluster


The Chihuahua Aerospace Cluster from Index has 6 strategic initiatives and a technological route map with a vision of 10 years.  This cluster has achieved adding efforts participating under the model Triple Axis, in addition of developing strategies, promoting the existing and potential skills of the industry installed with OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2; another function of the cluster is the connection of buyers with sellers, updating of the skills matrix, including educational institutions.  There is also a plan of local suppliers’ development by Fokker GKN in coordination with the municipality of Chihuahua and the State Government.


Chihuahua Automotive Cluster


The Chihuahua Automotive Cluster promotes this sector in the city to promote the sustainable economic development, improving competitiveness of companies, improve capabilities and automotive products through educational programs in collaboration with educational institutions.  It also strengthens the supply chain and the supplying base encouraging SMEs, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3.


Maria Cristina Sanchez Chacon, president of Index Chihuahua


“Index Chihuahua has consolidated thanks to the confidence deposited in us.  We are an Association that gathers a very valuable commodity and that facilitates the mutual benefit, we have efforts and work in standardization.  We are an Association that joins us as industrial exporting sector.  Here at Index Chihuahua we also have a foundation and a kindergarten.”


Federico Serrano Banuelos, president at Index Nacional


“There are more than 500 establishments in the state of Chihuahua which generate more than 390,000 jobs.  The importance of our sector, the maquila and export manufacture industry, changes every day.  We have the challenge of knowing how to respond to the needs of the represented companies.  The National Convention of Index 2018, which was held in the city of Chihuahua, will generate a better positioning of the State.  This is an example of that the economy is constituted by the exporting manufacture industry.”