The aerospace Industry of Chihuahua has consolidated as one of the strategic sectors of greatest growth


Established in 2007, the Aerospace Cluster Chihuahua is a nonprofit organization which embraces more than 45 operations that include Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM,) large multinational companies, as well as small and medium enterprises in aeronautic manufacturing, Research and Development centers (I+D,) educational institutions and public and private organizations.  The Cluster works with the industry to gather and share information, being a catalyzer for the industrial growth and promoting the aerospace capacities of Chihuahua.


The Aerospace Cluster Chihuahua has 6 strategic initiatives and a technological route map with a vision of 10 years.  This cluster has managed adding efforts participating under the Triple Axis model, in addition of developing strategies such as the promotion of capacities of the industry with OEMs and Tiers.


Also, during the last quarter of 2017, Fokker GKN was Forefront in the development of local supply in coordination with the municipality of Chihuahua, State Government and the Aerospace Cluster.


Representative of companies that integrate the Aerospace Cluster in Chihuahua, headed by Rene Espinosa, have gathered in different times to dialogue on the labor they have had with small and medium enterprises to integrate them to the value chain from the aerospace sector, likely they have analyzed the link existing with the academy to offer the productive sector with better prepared professionals to strength the industry.


“We are working with five educational institutions in the review of the curricula to adapt the courses to the needs companies of the Aerospace Cluster have, in addition we are suggesting some specializations in the educational sector.  On the other hand, in local supply development, we are working together with FEMIA and the three government levels; companies are being identified which are not currently integrated to the aeronautical industry, but that have potential, later an analysis is done to acknowledge the needs they have and support is provided through funds to accelerate the companies’ growth and thus integrate them as links in the supply chain,” said Rene Espinosa.

The Aerospace Cluster Chihuahua president also mentioned that work has been done together with the Federal Government to continue promoting this industry as well as with the State Government and the Municipal Government of Chihuahua.  In the city of Chihuahua is important to promote the aerospace sector for the economic development of the area, as due to the specialization characteristics required by the sector, it generates more economic revenue.


For the Ministry of Economy the aeronautical sector is very important on each region, which is why there is an agenda which has been built with the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry and each one of the clusters, in order to precise which are the elements to be promoted to improve the performance of this industry in Mexico.


In the state of Chihuahua, the Aerospace cluster is one of the main economic development sources.  Since 2008, this sector has generated more than17,000 jobs and it currently exports more than 1,500 million dollars per year.


Currently, the aerospace Industry occupies a strategic position for the country; in 2015 exports amounted more than 6,400 million dollars and continue to increase.  This situation, according to data from the Ministry of Economy, has position Mexico in such manner that in 2020 the country will be in tenth place in the aeronautical sector worldwide.