Working hard, give an extra and dream big are some of the advices we usually find to accelerate progress at work.  But, throughout my 25 years of work experience, 12 of them in human management, I have learned that there are other behaviors that potentiate people’s strong professional growth, it is necessary to knowingly promote behaviors that encourage this.  Next I will share a summary of my observations about it.

Be curious

Many professionals enter into an existential debate about if they should or should not accept seeking for additional responsibilities for their position without being paid or obtain the corresponding recognition.  It is a question similar to which came first, the chicken or the hen? Observing the career of hundreds of leaders, I conclude those progressing quicker are those being curious and eager to do and learn more, and take care of that more than of the return they will obtain.  The result in all cases is the same: your curiosity is always compensated in the medium and long term.

Creating a personal brand and make that brand known outside its immediate environment

In different texts is described the need to create a personal brand, but few times they talk about promoting and make such brand known by a wide network in and outside the organization.  I know professionals whose personal brand is recognized and valued, but its effect is very low, since it is only known in very close circles close to their field of action.  There are others, much more successful, whose brand is known outside their immediate environment and that potentiate their approach and growth opportunities.  This requires planning interactions that exhibit the personal brand in different forums, projects and plans.

Solving a very large problem or introducing an innovative solution

My answer to the question “How an important organization challenge can be found and solved?” is that organizations have big challenges to solve at any moment due to accelerated technological changes, world economies and of markets acceleration, regulatory changes, and of fiscal schemes.  It is about asking, get out and seek those opportunities and offer to work on them.  I invite people to think outside the box; all big business ideas need to be made with the mind and heart, with passion, it is important to apply the knowledge to solve real world challenges.

Finally, working hard, having good results and give that extra mile is good, but not enough.  Encouraging professional growth requires understanding organizational culture, and having a mindful plan of punctual interactions and actions that potentiate growth.  This is an invitation to release our curiosity and orientate it to take advantage of the infinite opportunities generated by accelerated geopolitical, economic and technological changes.