The first Pediatric Day of the Maquila Industry was held in the premises of Index Juarez, with the objective of training responsible for medical areas of such Industry on health subjects for children of collaborators of maquilas in Cd. Juarez.

This event was organized together with the College of Pediatricians of Cd. Juarez and Index Juarez.  It was born from the concern of working mothers to medical personal of the industry and specialists work jointly to provide better care for workers’ families.

Gerardo Alvidrez, president of the College of Pediatricians and coordinator of the event, explained that this kind of event is important, for doctors in the industry and specialists are familiarized with the same concepts and medical treatments.

These days consisted of lectures and conferences about health subjects of different medical specialties, such as pediatrics, allergies, otorhinolaryngology, nutrition, and endocrinology.  “It was an update event on pediatrics subjects for the family and general doctor who works in the maquila,” said Alvidrez.

The medical specialist also shared that the sessions were attended by 180 doctors of the 400 who, according to him, work in the maquila.  Even so, he explained that due this was the first time these sessions were fulfilled, some guests doubted in participated.  “Right now some of them are regretful of not coming because it was a first world event,” he added.

In total, there were 25 lectures the ones taught for 2 days which ended in two workshops: of obesity and childcare.  The speakers were local specialists since Alvidrez shared they wanted to show the medical community the quality of doctors in the city.

“We were nervous, we have always organized it in a hospital, under hospital auditoriums, but it gave us great satisfaction.  The Index team is very professional and updated.  We had no problems with logistics nor in the event transmission,” he explained.

This event will continue next year.  Alvidrez anticipates that in 2020 there will be more attendees than in 2019.  “We will knock more doors for gathering these 400 doctors.  We are already working in subjects and times to fulfill this event,” he ended.