IBM is finding uses and applications of artificial intelligence to serve people


Regarding artificial intelligence, IBM Watson is working to permeate different applications and uses this technological sector has in the society, aligning it to the Triple Axis model: Academy, Government and Industry.


“At IBM Watson we have the technology and know that academic institutions have highly prepared personnel, with knowledge and enthusiasm to fulfill projects, thus all of them will be the ones using our technology to then present and link it to the government and the industry, and thus develop high level technology applications,” said Juan Carlos Rendon, technical sales manager of cognitive and social solutions at IBM Watson.


The representative of this globally important technological company said that talent and creativity exist to cover the needs from governments and companies.


Among the applications and uses that artificial intelligence has, are health and medical, sector in which IBM Watson has dabbled.


“Within our platform we have an area we call Watson Health, which serves everything related with cancer.  Nowadays it is working at the Hospital Angeles in Mexico City.  The advantages of using Watson Health are big because a large amount of information can be analyzed, relating all data from patients and provide them with the best treatment options for their health.”


Juan Carlos Rendon said that in addition of Watson Health, applied in the medical sector, IBM is also working with different industry sectors such as finance, insurance companies, among other issues.


Statistics indicate that for 2018 more than 100 million people in Latin America will be in contact with artificial intelligence, in many ways.