The Aerospace Cluster of Chihuahua is strongly promoting SMEs to integrate them into the sector


Representatives of the companies members of the Aerospace Cluster Chihuahua, headed by Rene Espinosa, gather together to talk about the work they are doing with small and medium companies to integrate them into the value chain of the aerospace sector; they also analyze the link that exists with the academy to offer to the productive sector better prepared professionals that strength the industry.


“We are working with five educational institutions in reviewing their curricula to adapt their study plans according to the needs of the companies’ members of the Aerospace Cluster; in addition we are suggesting some specializations in the educational sector.  On the other hand, in local supply issues, we are working together with FEMIA and with the three levels of government; we are identifying companies that are not currently integrated to the aeronautic industry but that have potential, then we fulfill an analysis to acknowledge the needs they have and we support them through funds to accelerate companies’ growth and thus integrate them as links in the suppliers chain,” said Rene Espinosa, president of the Aerospace Cluster of Chihuahua.


While, Luis Lizcano, general director of FEMIA indicated that they discretely collaborate with the Aerospace Cluster of Chihuahua to achieve the development of the sector.  “We have the National Suppliers Development Program, where we identify an important demand of work available for Mexico; this equals 400 million dollars in contracts per year, approximately.  On the other hand, with ProMexico make a work of inversion attraction and participate in international events.”


ProMexico and FEMIA have fulfilled international studies to apply them in the State of Chihuahua, as in other areas of the country, to promote the aerospace development, one of the sectors with more potential, said Carlos Yates, ProMexico director in the State.