Energy Cluster seeks to strength competitiveness in state’s industry

The Energy Cluster Chihuahua has shown that working under the Triple Axis scheme (Academy, Industry and Government) leaves good results and shows that their work has strengthened the economic development of the region.


As part of the guidelines set by the Ministry of Economy for the attraction and promotion of investments, route maps were created, which promote the associativity of companies in the same sector by promoting strategic clusters according to the vocations of each region of the country.


Once there is a map of clusters competitive advantages of each regions could be identified, which will be promoted aiming to large companies will be interested in investing.  This manner it will be simpler to design and set public political practice that integrate the regional companies within the value global chains.


This was how Víctor Saenz, general manager of operations of TPI in Mexico, received an invitation six months ago from Carlos Yates, director of ProMexico in the state of Chihuahua and Enrique Portillo, director of the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the ITESM, for form the Energy Cluster Chihuahua.


The Cluster has a wide development margin in the area, as the border zone formed by Juarez, Chihuahua and El Paso, Texas has great potential to implement sustainable energy methods, this through the High Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN, by its Spanish initials) which is a platform created between Mexico and the United States which promotes competitiveness, connectivity, economic growth, innovation and regional and global leadership.


During the Energy Cluster Chihuahua formation has been fundamental the support from the secretary of Innovation and Economic Development of the State Government, Alejandra de la Vega, and it is also important to highlight the leadership that Victor Saenz, president of the Energy Cluster Chihuahua, as both of them have underlined their commitment with the social and industrial growth of the area.



“For me to make the decision to enter into this great project was very easy, due to the environmental and social impact it will generate, something that as operations general manager of TPI Composites en Mexico interests me. In our company, we not only manufacture blades for wind generators, but we help to build a better world and this is where the new Cluster and the company I represent converge since they have common goals,” said Victor Saenz, president of the Energy Cluster Chihuahua and general operations manager of TPI Composites.


“I am proud to be part of projects of great transcendence that will impact positively our city, the State, the country and the entire world in the future,” he added.


On the other hand, Carlos Yates, director of ProMexico in the state of Chihuahua, commented that one of the guidelines established by the Ministry of Economy in Mexico, leaded by Idelfonso Guajardo, is based in the formation of clusters.


“The formation of clusters is part of the agreement fulfilled between Mexico and the United States within the framework of the High Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN.)  The main objective of this is to add efforts from both countries to thus improve the competitiveness of North America.  However, in order for the clusters to work they must be duly constituted as a Civil Association,” said Yates, who added: “We do not have to wait for the future of Chihuahua, together we must build one.”


Regarding this, the director of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the ITESM Ciudad Juarez, Enrique Portillo said that the development of strategic sectors in the country is priority, but there must be defined which are each one of the characteristics of the regions.


“The idea of ITESM is to develop entrepreneurship focused on the different clusters and to support innovation initiatives, and in this case it is in terms of energy.  In addition, it is our obligation to generate knowledge and transfer it correctly for students to visualize the opportunities offered by the new sectors.  We want to create a new industry so that the region economically and socially grows,” he said.


Providing support


Jose Fernando Gonzalez from Buenavista Renewables said: “The cluster has been an initiative of Carlos Yates, director of ProMexico, from whom we have had great support, as well as from Alejandra de la Vega, secretary of Innovation and Economic Development.”


“The company I represent is very grateful with the treatment given to us and for the invitation to be part of this group.  The companies which are integrating the Cluster are working in benefit for the region, as we are contributing in the use of clean energies,” Gonzalez added.


Also, Jose Miguel Castillo, general manager of Siecsa, explained that:  “This project is well focused on clean energy; we will try to trigger this sector with the support of all the members.  We have experience and knowledge to contribute and share, because in Siecsa we are an electric company with 20 years in the market.”


While Guadalupe Carrasco, promotion manager of the Chihuahua Group, said: “It is important to get involved in the new sustainable energy trends that are being applied in the region, because we have the San Jeronimo area, which is one of the areas that receives more sun hours per day and we should take advantage of that.   The Grupo Chihuahua can play an important role within the Cluster and the joint work of several companies will lead us to achieve important achievements.”


Associated companies


·         TPI Composites: the largest independent manufacturer of wind blades for the wind energy world market.

·         Buenavista Renewables: company focused in the development of renewable sources in Mexico, Latin America and South Pacific.

·         Forte Pellet: company dedicated to seek and develop the use of opportunities of biomass as energy resource.

·         Siecsa: provides services in the electric engineering area, general construction and civil works.

·         Asci: fulfills feasibility assessments and of market for projects and finance analysis, as well as industrial promotion activities.

·         Grupo Aga: offers comprehensive services in the valid regulations with ecologic ideal for the optimization of industrial and commercial processes.


The objective of the Energy Cluster


Being leaders in matter of education, technology, products and services, to positively impact the development of energies.




To remain through the Smart coexistence seeking a better use of the energy.


Its values


·         Integrity

·         Respect

·         Professionalism

·         Commitment