Edison Illuminating Solutions, a new concept of company dedicated to light products, as part of Grupo Miscelec, was opened in Cd. Juarez.  The store is focused to different types of customers: general public, but also industries, manufacturing companies and any kind of company that requires light services, according to Sergio Andres Huerta, director and founder of this project.

According with its founder, Edison’s idea emerged as a school project of which he is the company’s manager.  “The fact of seeing several electric distributors and peddlers selling by catalog made us think in setting all these elements under the same roof,” he shared.


The time to develop the Edison’s idea took about five years, since the founder started working within the electric branch.  Sergio Andres Huerta also explained that it was not possible to settle the project if not for the talent that collaborated with them since the beginning.


The idea has five pillars of this new company are the following: 1) sales point, 2) exhibition with 129 bay, 3) design, 4) distribution and 5) advisory.  For its founder, this combination makes Edison a completely unique company.  “Any company from the electric branch – neither at any other sector – had joined all these aspects.  We are the first store that combines all these elements in order for our customers can feel the store as theirs,” he explained.  The current of Edison director also shared that they have areas, especially for contractors, electricians, merchants and businessmen that will require services and this kind of products for their businesses.  “Also for people seeking for a replacement for their home and people seeking to invest in renewable energies.  We gathered all these markets in one place,” he shared.


“Edison worries about all levels, as it offers service from commercial to the essential.  We offer a customized service.  And what make us great is that we are designers and advisors.  Edison also offers benefits at contractor, electrician and installer prices,” explained Huerta.


For the founder of Edison, from all these pillars the most important is the advisory.  “What will distinguish us from the competition will be service quality.  No-one is born as an expert in lighting, but we have a group of professional collaborators that will advise our customers.  We do have competition in the electrical sector that sell the same product, but no-one is specialized on this field, and less in this way.  We are truly specialists in light,” he detailed.

The store has 4 thousand square meters of construction and one kilometer dedicated for the exhibition of products and services.  A total of 40 employees collaborate in the new company.


Directives from Grupo Miscelec attended the opening, officials from the Municipal and State Government, in addition of different customers of this group of suppliers.

Jorge Duenas, director of Miscelec, shared that Edison is a step more that has given the grup since 1991, after the stores they have they have opened in the entity, the city of Chihuahua and different projects.