With an investment of 3 million euros, will directly employ 98 people

The Dutch company from the automotive sector ALT Technologies opened a plant in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, at the Bafar Industrial Park.  The investment of this new industry was of 3 million euros, generating thus 98 direct jobs.

At the opening, the state governor, Javier Corral Jurado said that the establishment of this company is an example of the conducive atmosphere in Chihuahua which attracts only any investment, but great quality companies that bring progress opportunities for the State.

“It is a development opportunity for the company as well as for our entity, because the company is integrated to the existing productive chains, by strengthening them, as well as for our strategic geographical location, but also for our labor stability, qualified workforce Chihuahua has and due to its high quality,” said the governor.

ALT is a company from the automotive sector that produces covers for air bags, identification labels for different automobile surfaces, instrument panels, Felt protectors, plastics and metals combined with different adhesives, among other items.

According to the CEO of ALT Technologies, Jean Luc Verstraeten, the company was founded in 2001.  Little after the decision was made of being suppliers of the automotive sector, which was an opportunity to enter the Mexican market.  During this time, they have developed specialties for this sector and, since 2004, they follow their customers wherever they settle; from there the decisions of going to Europe, Asia and now to Mexico.

“We have to be at technology forefront, which is why we are here, we want to produce 55 thousand automobiles parts worldwide, we have a global market and an excellent service to the customer, with growth and continuous improvement,” he said.

The directive shared that a year ago was decided to establish a new plant; therefore they traveled to different Mexico cities and decided to settle it in Chihuahua based in the Chihuahua workforce skills and the proximity with the United States, among other aspects.

Verstraeten said he was gratefully surprised by the work done by the young people incorporated to his project: “Chihuahua has too much talent and they can be proud of that,” he said.

He assured that the opening of the new plant is the beginning of the next growth stage in Chihuahua, as from now on everything will be growth to produce more automotive elements for their customers.

In turn, Netherlands ambassador in Mexico, Margrit Leemhuis, showed her approval for being part of the opening of the first Dutch plant of the automotive sector in Chihuahua territory, which surely will be followed by many more.

She celebrated that many innovative actions take place in Chihuahua which favor the establishment of companies.

Leemhuis said that the Netherlands and Mexico have 190 years of relations and have settled joint work in the areas of energy, agriculture, agro-technology, automotive technology and her country is one of the five countries that invest in much in the Country.

Meanwhile, the manager of the Plant Alt Technologies Chihuahua, Jaime Hernandez, said that this is the beginning of an adventure with their customers, in which they use their entire experience, skills, knowledge, but mainly all the sense of urgency to serve their customers.

He said that it is expected to have a long lasting relationship to be the best suppliers for their customers located in Mexico, the United States and Latin America, as Chihuahua’s geographic location will allow a greater growth potential.