Diana Luz Alvarado Castro, who was human resources director of Plantronics for more than 20 years, taught a workshop about developing new personnel comprehensive strategies to companies’ members of Index Juarez.

At the workshop were addressed practical examples of more than 180 programs that the speaker developed in Plantronics, such as collective weddings, market basket inside the company and even the development of a platform in which employees can offer services to their partners (products sales-purchase, cake sales, babysitter services, etc.) in order for employees to generate an extra income.

The speaker highlighted that developing this kind of programs does not have to be expensive for the company and that, in her case, this investment was reflected in the permanence percentage measurement which reached 97 % for direct employees and 99 % of indirect ones.

Two of the attending companies were Inteva MTC and Sistemas y Servicios Profesionales Empresariales “Syspe.”

“Fortunately in our city, most of the plants fulfill this same programs for their people, with the big difference that results are not documented and that is an opportunity area for creating mechanisms that lead to internal broadcasting and acceptance before the corporate in budget application,” shared Rosario Alvarez regarding the importance of this workshop.

Meanwhile, Luisa Felix, of Inteva MTC, shared that the reason to take this workshop was to recognize the strategies that one of the most recognized companies in employees’ integration fulfills to encourage and retain employees.

She also underlined that some Inteva MTC practices are attached to what the speaker said in the workshop, as the certificate as a family responsible company.

“This is the path towards a positive revolution.  It is the way in which we are working with many companies and in which some more are directed to do it.

The maquila industry is a very noble sector and it has to be taken care of, because the approach towards workers and their families is very high and that is what many generations of excellent human resources professionals have achieved,” ended Luisa Felix.