They lost it in 2010 and recovered it in 2018: Ford Q1 Award.  Continental Juarez Plant I received the maximum recognition granted by Ford to those suppliers that respond with excellence to their established requirements.

For this special occasion, the company organized three different ceremonies aimed to share this achievement with all its shifts.  Executives from Ford and Continental led this celebration.

In words of the own directives from Continental and Ford, obtaining this award was not simple.  There had to employ a key competence: self-reflection and accept the need to change.

In 2012 was formulated a new vision and the Plant and personnel established as an objective to recover this important recognition.

Since then, improvements were made in the production area, an important investment in engineering, aimed to increase the competence of their materials science, guarantees, molding and prototypes, which makes a difference.

“The recognition can only be reached through dedication and performance of all company workers.  This status is hard to reach; it requires the harmony, organization, dedication and performance of all.  Today Ford recognizes men and women of Continental Juarez 1 as one of the best suppliers of Ford Mexico worldwide,” said the STA from Ford Mexico.

In order to gain the award again, Juarez I Planta approved the Evaluation of the Quality System of Ford, whose criteria include the following: products quality, timely delivery, launching of new products with quality and on time, capability assessments, among others.  The minimal score asked by Ford to their suppliers, on their previous system was of 800 points.  “During the last years Continental Juarez 1 we kept a score among 1,200 – 1,400 points aimed to recover customers’ trust.  Under the System Ford Q1 3.0, our percentages fluctuate between 92 and 95 % of fulfillment,” said the coordinator of communication of the plant.

“Now that we have it comes the challenge of taken care of it with the same passion we had to recover it.  The Q1 recognition from Ford is part of the current competitiveness of our industry; it is a guarantee of satisfaction for our customer.  I am convinced that we will not lose it again.  Now we have clear this award is not recognition: it is a culture we live every day in Continental,” said the director of quality.

In addition of fulfilling the customer requirements, each Ford supplier must be certified for each location receiving their product.  The approval process is considerable, since, depending on the shipment points, it can take up to a year.  During that period, anything could happen.  However, this waiting is an excellent opportunity for the plant to maintain a culture of quality and keep everyone focused.

Leadership of each person, of each role is essential.  “The commitment reflected in product care is fundamental.  “Each day, each action, counts when satisfying the customer,” said the quality director. To thank the employees and celebrate this special occasion, Continental organized a special meal on each shift, as well as a spectacle of folk dances.

This is the eleventh award obtained by the plant and the fifth granted by a customer in the last seven years.